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    WTB: 95 mark viii parts

    looking for a chrome strip for the edge of the hood, a stock radio that works with the cd player and a center arm rest for a 95 mark viii base. Let me know what you have and how much shipped to 33870 thanks -George.
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    WTB: 99 continental transmission pan

    My sister is a bad driver and hit some rocks on our dirt road and made holes in her transmission pan. so I'm looking for one. Let me know what you have.
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    FS: Octostars $100 FL

    not mine but a good deal
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    what color to paint my mark?

    this is basically how she looks now. the cloth top has been painted and will be sanded basically smooth. so my question is what color(s) should I paint it. I'm leaning towards toreado(sp?) red with a satin tan roof. also thinking a deep blue with the tan might look good. I've also been thinking...
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    air suspension Drama

    My 98 (daily) has always been a drama queen with the air suspension only acting up when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere. after originally thinking I needed new front bags I inspected them to find that they where new(ish). the rears also look good, after some trouble shooting I have narrowed it...
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    FS: 97 mark VIII LSC

    I've Decided 4 is too many marks for me so I'm selling my white 97 LSC The Good: runs and Drives perfect cold ac J modded trans 105k miles The not so good: Dent behind pass door. the color window switches missing covers asking $3995 cash pm or text 863-801-4159
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    FS: 1 Working Gen 2 HID + other gen 2 parts

    I have 1 very good condition Great working Sylvania 9500 out of my 97 LSC. $90 shipped also have a good working HID Ballast out of the same car not yet removed but tested but sides good $60 shipped 2 front air suspension height sensors and solenoids $make offer plus shipping PM for paypal info
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    why where the games locked?

    just curious as people seemed to be having fun and not causing problems
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    Import Vehicle Legality petition

    "The Department of Homeland Security spends a shockingly disproportionate amount of its budget not on security initiatives, but on customs seizures. In particular, importers of grey-market vehicles have been targeted by monies taxpayers have intended to be used to secure our country against...
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    FS: 2 SEC Championship Game Tickets

    I have 2 tickets for the SEC championship game in atlanta. Section 329. They're going for $375-$400 each on stubhub $700 for the pair for LOD members
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    The Last Word Game

    The Other Games are off to a good start so let's play one of my favorites, The Last word game! I'm goin to need a mod to help with this one and randomly lock the thread. please pm me if you are willing to do this. Here are YOUR rules as agreed to by the World Last Word Association of the World...
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    Word Association Game

    Rules 1.Post the first word you think of after Reading the previous word 2. Have fun Start
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    Question With a Question Game.

    The Rules: 1.answer the question in the previous post with a question of your own 2.have fun Who will be the first?
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    How do you feel about forum games?

    On one of the other forums I frequent we have a section of games that alot of people play and enjoy. how would yall feel about starting something like that here? a ex. of games we play last word -randomly locks and the last poster wins question with a question game word association countdown...
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    FS: stock wheels, 20's for mark viii

    I have for sale a set of 20" player wheels with 225-35-20 Nitto 555 tires tires are about 1/2 Rims in great shape no scrapes or curbing. 5X4.25 and 5x4.5 dual patterns. asking $550 863-801-4159 or pm also a set of stock 16's came off a 96 great shape no scratches ect. no tires $300
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    front suspension rattles

    My front R started rattling on my white 98 so I decided to put it up on the trailer and see what I could see. seems my Upper ball joint and strut rod bushings are both kinda loose. What brands do yall recommend for these parts? how much are they and wheres the best place to order from? 1.strut...
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    WTB: passenger side Gen 2 door handle (outside)

    Mine is broke and I need a new one. pm me a price shipped to 33870 if you have one please
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    Power Seat help

    I just bought another 98 Base and neither power seat will go forward/back but move in other directions fine. Anyone have the pin diagram for the seat switches? I'm thinking it's the switch. or if anyone knows of something specific that goes bad in them I'd appreaciate the help. P.s I believe...
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    how many lincolns/mercury's have you had?

    I was just making a list in my head and wow I've had alot i've had 5 mark viii's 2 mark vii's 1 mark vi 1 mark iv 3 continental's 7 town cars 40+ crown vic's/ grand marquis 3 cougars 4 thunderbirds currently 99 continental (for sale) 99 town car (for parts) 98 mark viii 93 town car...
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    what do you think of my new wheels?

    looks alot better than the stockers I think 18x 7.5 with 225/50/18