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    May be old, but I thought it was funny.:D Bob
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    Dream on

    I stopped by the local Ford Dealer today to see if my new car was in yet. Found it sitting in front of the place with a small crowd around. They tell me this is the most expensive car ever built. They are asking $3,000,000.00 The sign in the window...
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    Moose does it again

    Congratulations again LeoC2. How many wins does that make now? Keep up the good work.
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    Dealer knowledge

    There has been a 1998 Mark VIII, Green color but not the Med. Willow with 58k on the odo, on the local (Oxnard, CA ) dealer's lot for the last couple of months. The asking price had been $16K. My wife thinks I should sell my 95 with 61k and get the newer one. (I don't think so.) anyway , I did...
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    1959 Mark IV

    Saw this car down town this morning so I had to take some pictures and post it here. The car is for sale, asking $11,500. It was locked so couldn't get inside, but it looks pretty good from the outside. It's white leather, but there was a towel over the front seat. The car has been repainted...
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    Just Checking
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    56? Mark II

    Here are some pictures of a 56 or 7 Mark II that is in need of some major TLC. It has been parked up the street from my house for about 6 months now. The only change in position that I have noticed is that some times it is on the West side of the Street and other times on the East...
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    Hello all

    Hello everyone. I just got back from Los Angeles and found that much has changed. I'm still looking around, but it looks good so far. Question... For a site that's so new, how can some of you have over 100 posts already? Bob