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  1. nosebleed

    cam timing kit

    Does anyone have any recommendations for timing kits. Ford racing one supposedly wont fit our cams.
  2. nosebleed

    car stutters when stopping and accelerating

    The car just recently started this. And only after its warmed up. At first I thought it was the transmission but after a little research and alot of sites say vaccum leak,but I cant find one. No codes other than the p1519 and cars had that since I bought it.
  3. nosebleed

    WTB: wtb cobra rep wheel

    i need 1 17x8 cobra wheel with the lincoln bolt pattern. im located in sharpsburg ga
  4. nosebleed

    1991 f150

    After 620,000 miles of being abused its time to rebuild and improve Old gray. will be lowered and hopefully around 500hp at the crank. this will the new heart. now a 351w shortly will be a 408w
  5. nosebleed

    Mark VIII vs 96-98 cobra conv

    So im driving through Mexico this afternoon and a red cobra convertible comes cruising up next to me. We play a little till traffic clears, as soon as it opens up we both punch it at 65 With him starting 2 cars in front Im expecting to get walked and at first I hung till about 80 then I started...
  6. nosebleed

    1998 LSC vs 2006 Nissan Titan 4x2 extended cab

    If this is the wrong section please move and i apoligize. My buddy has the Titan in the title with an intake. we played a little last night and he suprised me. If we were to go from a dig who do you guys think would win. My mods are in my sig
  7. nosebleed

    1995-2002 built transmission?

    Does anyone build these transmissions to take say 500Hp. Me and a buddy were thinking about putting the continental drivetrain in the back of his 84 s10. But having trouble finding transmission support.
  8. nosebleed

    1998 lsc

    Just picked up my first lincoln. Already in love with it