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    No start on The Old 96er

  2. tixer

    No start on The Old 96er

    I feel like with that being said, it was an easy enough job in my old '72, that I just bought the cheap one. I figured with it being a manual, I could always roll-start if I needed to. (also why I took my time replacing it the first time) Although I'm definitely guilty of using the starter...
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    No start on The Old 96er

    Driller is right on this one. it's an easy swap, so you may as well do the whole thing. (or rebuild it completely.) The beauty here is that because this is a Jeep, you've got a massive aftermarket to work with. Lots of rock crawlers will use the starter for precision control, so I know there...
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    Thanks for the link, Bud! That looks like a nice little spot. You've got me thinking now, too. I've been to Gettysburg only once, and it was just for a few hours in an afternoon. No doubt I would find plenty to do around there for a week or more..
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    No start on The Old 96er

    Here's a photo of what I'm getting at. I've seen cables fail like this, under the insulation.. The terminals usually look good..
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    1998 Mark VIII LSC CE for sale

    Hey, Don. Sorry to hear you need to part with your Mark. It sounds like you've taken good care of her. I don't think any of our cars have been getting many miles on them this year, so I can certainly understand. If you have any photos of the car to post, I'm sure people would like to see them.
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    No start on The Old 96er

    I agree with you that I don't think the battery is an issue here. What you've done there, sounds about right. First thing that comes to mind would be to take a close look at both battery cables. I've seen a few cases (one of which on my own old Jeep) where the cables basically corroded in...
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    November 2020 Photo of the Month

    First, I'd like to say that I really like that quote. What a great group of cars, too.
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    I'll admit that I don't know the system codes at all, but are you hearing the compressor fire up? If you do hear it run, it could be one of the following: I had a heck of a time getting the air line to seal up correctly on one of mine a while back. I found cutting off about 1/2" of line to...
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    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    I like how this is going. I'll chip in $50 toward legal fees.
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    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    The garage one definitely counts. It was super dusty, and surrounded by "A Mercury or two," but it counted. :D It just occurred to me that Kirk is living a country song. Drivin' that lonely road just payin' the bills, and spending weekends at the track.. All you need is a belt buckle, and a...
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    Vehicle security

    Eric has a good point about the cameras. I've got a set of Amazon's "Blink" cameras. They're wireless, and run a long time on a pair of AA batteries. Even if your car is street parked, you can likely get a camera pretty close to the car to record any shenanigans. The GPS tracker is a good...
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    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    I just realized we don't have any photos here..
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    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    Ha! The ultimate Diabetes test. Sounds like you're good to go.
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    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    Agreed. Thanks for hosting the Markfest this year! This, and the cruise Eric put together in the spring, were the only real "car events" I participated in. I'm glad we had that much.
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    Post a picture you took today.

    Better watch out though. I think your kid is willing it to catch fire.
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    Mark VIII parts for sale.

    Thanks for posting, Justin! Welcome!
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    Bud!! I'm glad to hear that things are going as well as they can, and I'm glad to hear you've had the rig out at least a couple times this season. Camping season here is pretty well over, but we've had our trailer out 3 times I think? The first season I've regretted not having a functional...
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    Best Battery Jumper Thingy?

    As the sucker who required the built-in air compressor of Lvnmarks' DeWalt Jump box, I can wholeheartedly reccomend the device. It's physically larger than the little "phone charger" one above, but I sure was glad Eric had it. Pretty sure it was this unit right here...
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    transmission rebuilders

    Welcome! I'm glad that car found a good home. I'm quite partial to the color, having owned one myself once.