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  1. billcu

    AWSF 22C vs AWSF 32C?

    Anybody know the difference between these plugs? I removed the 32 C's from my 93 they looked like they were originals, and a friend of mine has a set of the 22C's he gave me. Will they work good in the Mark VIII?
  2. billcu

    Mark VIII Sports Roadster

    I've always liked the Thunderbird Sports Roadsters so I thought I would try to make a similar cover for my Mark VIII. I'll try to make just a vinyl half tonneau cover, but a fiberglass cover like the Sports Roadsters, would be cool on the Mark VIII. Here's some photos of trying to get some basic...
  3. billcu

    Front End Friday photos

    Here's a front end Friday shot, with extra credit from my friend's dog Sophie. Post some front end shots!
  4. billcu

    How do I add my signature pic?

    It looks like it's looking for a URL? Can I just attach a picture?
  5. billcu

    A car photo to try posting photos on the new site

    Feel free to give it a try here too. My first attempt to attach failed, it was too large I'll try to resize it first. That one seemed to work, then I selected full image to fill the screen.
  6. billcu

    Can't upload photos.

    I keep getting this error: Error Uploading image.
  7. billcu

    Another ABS problem fixed

    When I bought my red 98 Mark VIII, it had an ABS light on and the traction control was out too. I checked the error codes and they were ABS module and pump motor bad. The car came with a spare ABS module which I installed. The ABS still didn't work because the wire connector was melted and the...
  8. billcu

    Rusty seat working again

    Both seats didn't work on my new red beater when I bought it. I don't know why, but the frames were very rusty too. The carpet was dry and under the carpet is dry and clean. The driver seat luckily already had the rear nuts removed but one of the rusty bolts in front broke off, I had to drill...
  9. billcu

    Volvo wagon with Mark VIII engine

    I went to Jeremi's last night, he welded up my exhaust for me. When I got there, he and Aden were working on Aden's Volvo wagon with a swapped in Mark VIII engine.
  10. billcu

    My new Lincoln Mark VIII

    It's a 98 Toreador Red LSC. It's got some rust problems but it seems to run good. It's got 117K miles, it needs some work, but it looks good in the falling rain and leaves. And it's red.
  11. billcu

    Fuel Tank Install

    My tilt lift made installing my gas tank easy. I set the tank on my work mate first, then put it up on the lift edges. It helped that I inflated the air ride a bit first, to give me some more room. Then I just used 2X4 blocks to bring it up as I connected the lines. It was easy to put the...
  12. billcu

    Interior water leak on passenger side, seal repair.

    I had a leak causing the carpet to get wet, I knew it is usually from the HVAC air intake under the plastic cowl cover under the hood. I removed the cowl cover, and sealed up the (hard to see in the photo) crack in the factory seal around the intake peice with some RTV sealer. There is also a...
  13. billcu

    2019 Ford Yacht Club car show and meet

    The 2019 Ford Yacht Club car show is Sunday September 15. It's a nice free show to show your car. I was thinking of having a local meet at my place the Saturday before if anyone's interested.
  14. billcu

    I can't reply to the Carlisle check in thread

    I seem to be having trouble posting there, hopefully this one makes it. Also, JP, some of your photos don't seem to appear in that thread. This is the error I get. JP.
  15. billcu

    An easy upgrade for gen 1 seats

    After driving a gen 2 all winter, I noticed one of my gen 1's drivers seat seemed uncomfortable and worn out on the seat bottom. I put 2 pieces of 1" foam 10" square, under the original foam, above the springs, in the center, and it's as comfy as the gen 2 now. It was easy, you don't even need...
  16. billcu

    Tent Theme for 2019?

    Does anyone have any Ideas for the tent theme this year?
  17. billcu

    Who's going to Carlisle 2019

    90 DAYS until the Carlisle 2019 Ford Nationals, who's going?
  18. billcu

    Went to the Pub last night

    with Jeremi and Margaret. He enjoyed driving my CE. Since he's not working on Mark VIII's any more, he gave me some spare parts (one box shown) and this cool Lincolns of Distinction banner that he won at the raffle at Carlisle. Thanks again Jeremi!
  19. billcu

    Door Lock Cylinder clip diagrams

    Here are some shots from my gen 1 and gen 2 manuals showing the cylinders and clips (Mike was asking about this).
  20. billcu

    Changed a Gen 1 IAC today

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