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  1. tixer

    Rear quarter window removal details

    I know this came up recently, and I didn't have the photos at the time. I just stumbled across them, so I'm uploading them now. :) Here's about what it takes to get those "back seat" windows out (and back in) on our Mark VIIIs. Special guest stars - Beerdog and Mad1stGen
  2. tixer

    Sexy car Saturday

    Since it seems I keep missing the Friday thread, and I'm busy playing musical cars... I'll have to come up with a different thread if I want to Include the decidedly-less-sexy members of the fleet.. here are the two pretty ones. :)
  3. tixer

    We're Back!!

    We apologize for the fault in the forums. The previous forum software has been sacked, I'm pleased to report that with some trepidation, and significant effort, our forum admin Mike P, and president Driller, made the call to drop the software we'd been using to date. We are now back up and...
  4. tixer

    LOD and friends NYE in Minnesota

    LOD has something of a tradition of having spectacular New Year's parties. Although it's been a while since we've done an LOD-specific blowout, I've tried my best to continue the tradition here in Minnesota. If anyone is in the mood for a drive (or in the area already,) you're all welcome. Stop...
  5. tixer

    Carlisle check-in and show thread

    Made it! I encountered some of the heaviest rain I've ever driven through in Chicago, but other than that, weather was good, traffic was light, and the car performed admirably .let the show (and more rain) begin!
  6. tixer

    LOD NYE in MSP

    Here's my annual invite to the New Year's Eve party at my place in Minnesota. It's friends from all over, and the Lincoln crew is welcome, too. Swing by sometime on Monday evening and enjoy the festivities! Families and well-adjusted children, are welcome. My friends can be a profane bunch, and...
  7. tixer

    Merry Christmas, LOD members and families

    I hope everyone has a great day today, spent largely with the people they care the most about. After that, go out and hug your Lincolns.. :D
  8. tixer

    NYE in Minnesota

    Come ring in the new year, LOD style! I'm throwing my regular New Year's Eve party at my place in the East Metro. December 31st, Obviously. - Although this is not an exclusively LOD event, LOD'ers are welcome and encouraged to attend. It's a good time. This event is super casual, and super...
  9. tixer

    Minnesota Markfest 2017 - October 6-8

    Greetings everyone! We're doing this again - October 6-8, 2017 - North Saint Paul, Minnesota All are welcome. Thoughts? Ideas? suggestions? We've got a "clean slate" this year, too.
  10. tixer

    2017 Street Machine summer nationals

    So.. I don't know why Eric didn't start a thread for this, but here we are. THIS WEEKEND - July 14-16, 2017 -At the- Minnesota State Fairgrounds "Hey look, the new Oldsmobiles are in early this year" Hit this link for event details -->...
  11. tixer

    Carlisle 2017 Schedule of Events

    This is a new idea (for me,) but I thought it might be useful to put together something of a calendar for this thing. Everyone is welcome to add recommendations. I'll update this list as items are added. I'm also tinkering with a dedicated Google calendar, but in reality, I think this might...
  12. tixer

    2017 Carlisle Tent Theme

    This thread is a little overdue. Most years, we attempt to plan a (relatively) coherent tent theme. It seems we're pretty good at it, too. We've won "coolest club" on several occasions. This year, is the 100th Anniversary of the Lincoln brand, and the show is featuring Lincoln, as a...
  13. tixer

    New pair of running shoes

    The "before" picture. Huh.. so that's what they should look like..
  14. tixer

    Spring Flowers 2017 - a.k.a. How's the snow??

    So I know you east coasters are busy getting your annual "once in a lifetime" storm right now. How's it going? Here's spring in Minnesota, from yesterday.
  15. tixer

    2017 Carlisle RSVP Thread

    Who amongst us has registered for this year's show? Here's what I have so far. This top post will be updated as names are added. Feel free to chime in as you sign up. A couple assumptions were made as I compiled this list as to "Stock/Modified" status. also assumed was that Leo was signed...
  16. tixer

    LOD New Years in Minnesota

    Ok, so really, it's just New years in Minnesota, but hey, the Lincoln crew is always welcome to join in the fun. Show up whenever, leave whenever. I strive to have extra sleeping space available, but it could get a bit cozy this year. Be prepared to be flexible if you hope to stay the night.
  17. tixer

    Holiday decor 2016

    Christmas has sprung. I actually bought this locomotive at my first Carlisle, when a number of us toured the brewery. This is the first time all of these have been out of the boxes..
  18. tixer

    FS: FS: 1985 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

    A friend of mine is trying to sell an oddball Caddy convertible. I figured I'd do them a favor post it here, also. I haven't seen the car in person, but I'd expect it to require some reconditioning to be anything show-worthy. If anyone is interested, I can track down a number for the current...
  19. tixer

    Ponies at the Pike 2016 - 25-September-2016

    So this thread is being created after the fact, as the few photos that came in from that event ended up in the "post a photo" thread. I believe it needed it's own "archive," as Laurie "Hot Mark" of the Lincoln Mark VIII Addicts worked extremely hard to coordinate the event, and deserves to be...
  20. tixer

    2016 Minnesota Meet Oct 7-9, 2016

    So, I got to thinking about this far too late again to give people proper notice, but here goes. [additional ramblings removed for clarity] The "yay's" have it! October 7-9, my place. All are welcome, as are suggestions for activities. Socializing, drinking, bonfires, trips to apple stores...