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  1. KStromberg

    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    I just realized that 2020 has been this weird. Markfest this year actually consisted of 3 Mark VIIIs, 3 Mustangs, a Lincoln Navigator, and a Dodge Ram pickup. I guess we still sneaked by with a slight lead in the "Lincoln" category. So I guess we will call that a sloppy win if we consider that...
  2. KStromberg

    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    Thanks for coming! The event was small but mighty. Luke's tire marks are still in front of my house and will probably be covered in 5 inches of snow later today. :rolleyes: On a side note...I way overdid it on the Hershey bars for the s'mores and have ate way too much chocolate this last week...
  3. KStromberg

    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    The attendance list is shaping up very nicely! Any last minuters out there? Joe, Bill ?
  4. KStromberg

    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    Just a heads up, I do have accommodations for anyone who needs to stay overnight into Sunday. I have a guest bedroom and some couch space.
  5. KStromberg

    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    You know you wanna. 👀
  6. KStromberg

    Minnesota Markfest 2020

    Yup. Im still alive. I will be hosting on Saturday October 10 at my house for this event. Food will be provided and we will have a bonfire in the evening. I have a cigar lounge in my house available to those who want to indulge. Yup. Lots has happened in the last year. :cool: For those who...
  7. KStromberg

    LOD Stuff

    Is this a thing anymore? Also, I'm 6'5" and 245#. Is big and tall an option? :rolleyes:
  8. KStromberg

    Big Red Stock Bottom End King World Record Pass

    I loaded up Big Red onto the trailer and went to Great Lakes Dragaway yesterday with my buddy in the quest for 10s. Lots of variables today but we figured them all out and the magic happened. First, on the new dyno tune when I was making test hits on the street little did I know that not only...
  9. KStromberg

    Big Red full effort tune

    Big Red has been officially "turned up". I hit the dyno on Thursday and everything went smoothly with no catastrophes. :laugh: The first thing we did is try to, as best as we could figure out a baseline on the car to see how much power it actually did make last year when it was in low 11 second...
  10. KStromberg


    While the converter is out getting tweaked, my surgeon said, "we really need to re-do your exhaust". Every time my car has came off of his lift, the car has gotten faster, so I obliged. Fun fact, I just found out a week ago that not only is my exhaust crush-bent garbage(knew this already)...
  11. KStromberg

    FS: Rear Pinion Brace

    Center item pictured. Price is $175 shipped. These are $240 new. This one is very close to new. Black hammertone finish.
  12. KStromberg

    Big Red's heart on reserve

    I did the deed. I just pulled the trigger on a built bottom end teksid out of Mississippi. Eagle H-beams and Manley flattops. So time to flog this one into submission. I'm putting it on 12psi soon and will probably feed it 21°. Don't really care now...but honestly never did. :laugh: Im gonna...
  13. KStromberg

    Class aye?!

    I've reached that fork in the road and might have possibly found my niche. I passed all 3 exams the other day for my commercial driver's license with no re-takes! I have my permit now and can road test by the 2nd week of March. To add further to my excitement my employer is paying for my...
  14. KStromberg

    Turbo Coyote Lincoln

    The car finally got some attention on 1320. Here's Bobby Underwood's turbo coyote beast. Built coyote, 88mm, th400. I saw an 1/8 mile slip about a month ago trapping almost 140. Stay tuned as he will be giving it hell this weekend at an event down in TX. He wants 7.90s Fyi, in the video he had...
  15. KStromberg

    60 degrees on 17 degrees

    Cool fuel, cool air, 17 degrees of timing. She felt like a monster last night. First cool pull.
  16. KStromberg

    60 degrees on 17 degrees

    Cool fuel, cool air, 17 degrees of timing. She felt like a monster last night. First cool pull.
  17. KStromberg

    FS: 42# injectors -- SVT Focus greentops

    These are used and in working order. They are out of my supercharged Mark VIII that was running on pump gas. I am switching to E85 so they are no longer needed. Boxed up and ready to ship! I accept Paypal. $200 shipped OBO Edit: If any of you Carlisle participants are interested in what I...
  18. KStromberg

    WTB: Fuel Rails

    Looking for aftermarkets for 96-98 cobra setups. O-ring style preferred but not a deal breaker I suppose.
  19. KStromberg

    Bobby Underwood's 158mph street car

    I hope this is the right spot for this post. I couldn't resist the urge to share. Everybody buckle up. This is one of the coolest things that you might have seen in a long time. Attention was brought to this car on the Mark VIII Community Facebook page a couple years ago when there was word...
  20. KStromberg

    Rear cooling mod/Oil pump gears

    Are these things worth thinking about for this year? Will my meth injection and E85 diminish the heat issues in the heads or is this something that I need to worry about, and if so, under what conditions? Regarding oil pump gears....I'm playing with fire this year already and I would rather...