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  1. J

    6 cd changer.

    My 6 cd changer still works pretty good but sometimes it will skip a cd when selected.Anyone know a fix for this?
  2. J

    replacement speakers

    I have a 96 lsc with the stock factory sound system.I would like to replace the speakers with something a little better.Not looking to add any subs or amps just something a little better than stock.
  3. J

    Pinion seal leaking

    My 96 lsc has a small leak at the pinion seal.I,m thinking if I just drop the pig down with the axles still attached,unbolt the driveshaft and move it up,I may be able to remove the pinion flange and change the seal.Anybody ever tried this?
  4. J

    Question about speedo needle.

    On my 96 lsc the speedo needle is "sticky". when driving it will display an accurate speed.If you speed up or slow down it takes a few seconds to "catch up" to the new speed.Is this a common issue that I haven,t heard about yet?
  5. J

    third trip to dragstrip

    96 lsc bone stock.First trip,best run, ran 15.06,traction control on. Second trip,373 posi,Micket Thompson street et tires,100 shot nitrous,best et 13.82.Third trip(yesterday),125shot,2 1/4 dual exhaust with x pipe(got rid of third cat),magnaflow mufflers,tuner chip.Best run 13.02...
  6. J

    Problems on the road?

    Planning a trip in late april from Michigan to south carolina.(about 900 miles). I have a 96 lsc with 45k miles basically stock with a few bolt ons.I would like to Drive the Lincoln but worried about a breakdown on the road.Where would you go for service? I guess if I had to I could rent a car...
  7. J

    4 post car lift.

    [No message]
  8. J

    removing air injection?

    I have a 96 lsc.I would like to remove all the air injection stuff.Will this give me a check engine light or cause any other problems?
  9. J

    anything going on in southwest florida.

    I,m a Michigan resident with a 96 Mark 8 but I hide out in sunny sw florida for the winter.Anyone know of any Lincoln events down here?
  10. J

    Pinstripes or what?

    I have a 96 mark 8 lsc,almost all original with 45k miles.The car is near mint.It is black on black. I,ve changed the wheels to 18 by 9 chrome torque thrusts.I like the black and chrome theme but would like to add something to the body to personalize the car.I,m thinking pinstripes or possibly...
  11. J

    Normal fuel pressure.

    I have a 1996 lsc.Going to install a fuel pressure gauge.What would be considered normal fuel pressure for this car?
  12. J

    Question about star tester.

    I recently bought a 96 Mark 8.The car only has 44k miles and has no issues.I plan on keeping this car for a long time.A local resale shop has a star tester for sale but they know nothing about it.I feel in the future I may need one.If I plug it into the obd2 port will that tell me if it...
  13. J

    New member Jim in s,e,michigan.

    Hi guys,lurked for a while and could see this was the place to be for Mark 8 guys.Recently bought a 96 LSC original owner car with 43k miles.Love the car just need to add some hp.Started with gears,a posi and wheels and tires.More mods to come.
  14. J

    Valve in front of dampner wheel?

    What is this valve called?I believe it is part of the air pump system on my 96 Mark 8.I have to remove it to change the crank dampner and will have to apply some heat to remove the steel pipe on the bottom.I assume it has a diagphram inside it and if the heat ruins it I want to know if I can get...
  15. J

    J mod,s.e.michigan?

    I have a 96 mark 8 and I would to like do the "J mod".I don,t want to do it myself.Had some bad luck with valve bodies in the past.Any suggestions in s.e. michigan?
  16. J

    FS: 4 Ten spoke chrome wheels and tires

    I have four Ten spoke chrome wheels (2left and 2 right) withMichelin tires tires have 7k miles on them.Two wheels are perfect,two have small chrome bubbles in the lug area.Tires rode great and were recently balanced.Includes lugs,locks,and center caps.If you pm me ,I can send pics.I live in...
  17. J

    TrueBendz exhaust system

    I am thinking about ordering a 2 1/2 inch stainless exhaust with an x pipe for my 96 lsc.Has anyone ever used the Truebendz system.How was the fit and quality?
  18. J

    underdrive pulleys?

    anybody ever have problems with underdrive pullies in city and traffic jam driving?
  19. J

    donut spare

    recently hub swapped my Mark 8 to mustang pattern.where is the best place to find a donut spare that will fit the car?