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    FS: (Not mine) 1997 Lincoln MarkVIII BoT

    From Facebook Marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1997 Lincoln MarkVIII

    From Facebook Marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1993 Lincoln MarkVIII

    From Facebook Marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1996 MarkVIII LSC RoG

    From Facebook: Looks like it had a front collison, with a base bumper cover installed.
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    FS: 1993 MarkVIII(Not mine)

    1993 MarkVIII parts car...From facebook marketplace:
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    1996 MarkVIII VLCM.

    Found this on Ebay, if anyone needs an extra:
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    Mark VIII's in Florida

    I just wanted to put this out there. I posted some MarkVIII's from Florida in the for sale section, but have discovered a few more. Right now if you change the location to Lutz, FL with a distance of 100 miles, there are at least 19 Mark VIII's listed. Also a couple of MarkVII's. Just in...
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    FS: (Not mine) 97/98 Base MKVIII

    From Facebook marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1998 MarkVIII BoB LSC

    Found this on Facebook Marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1997/98 Mark VIII BoG

    Found this on Facebook Marketplace:
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    FS: (Not mine) 1994 Mark VIII

    Found this on Facebook Marketplace:
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    WTB: Information center buttons. Light graphite grey.

    Two of the buttons on my information center broke. I'm looking for a replacement set in light graphite grey. Thanks.
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    WTB: Drivers seat leather, for 1996 Base. Light graphite grey.

    I need a drivers seat leather for a 1996 base. If anyone has one in real good condition, please let me know. Light graphite grey color. Thanks.
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    WTB: Fuel door button assembly in light graphite grey.

    The fuel door button on my 96 base popped out years ago. I'm still looking for one in light graphite grey. If anyone has one, please let me know.
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    Various Mark VIII's for sale

    Just a heads up, I was looking thru Facebook Marketplace, and a noticed quite a few Marks for sale. Even a couple of mark 7's I think they were 88, and 91's. The 8's were 1 94 2 95's 3 96's, including an LSC for $1k. 3 97's and 3 98's. All in the Tampabay area.
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    Happy Birthday United States of America

    Happy birthday to the U.S.A, and all her citizens. May we reflect on all of the sacrifices our ancestors had to make to get us to this day. May our country celebrate its birthday for generations to come. Happy birthday everyone. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday. Don't blow off...
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    Well, it finally happened

    A couple of months ago, my original suspension compressor failed. Got a new arnott from advance auto. Installed and all is good. Then a small leak in the right front bag became more pronounced, and they would no longer fill up. So after much thought, I decided to switch to springs. I...
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    1996 VLCM repair

    Hi all. Tuesday night, my VLCM failed on the way home. Driving along at 75mph on I-4, and engine shut off. It acted like it wanted to start, but no joy. I figured it was not the fuel pump. I was right. Had to call my brother who was in town from New Jersey, as he has AAA. Replaced VLCM...
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    1996 MarkVIII LSC on ebay

    If anyone is interested, there is a 96 LSC out of nevada on ebay. there is one bid with a current price of $200. Look ok, but does need some work.
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    Requesting opinions on two mark viii's What do you think about this vehicle? I'm not sure if its even a collectors edition. They don't say anything about having previous collision work done, and I don't...