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  1. Kracker

    FS: 96-98 cobra intake

    For sale Cobra intake, throttle body, Cobra fuel rail, Intake tube, IAC tube, egr and egr tube, egr block off plate, has a new cobra plate, $550 plus Shipping from 32578
  2. Kracker

    Gotta bad stumble when engine is cold

    OK, When I first start my car after is has been sitting over night It has always surged a little at idle. But, When I leave the house right after starting it and give it a about 1/3 throttle. It spits and spuders. If I accelerate lightly it is fine . Then not even a mile down the road all...
  3. Kracker

    Wife New Mark

    This is the wife's (SN-Daphne) new Berry Red mark we bought a few weeks ago
  4. Kracker

    help transmission

    help tranny issues ok 98 mark viii lsc when i go from reverse to drive it takes it a few seconds to engage, it feels like it is low on fluid and tring to build up pressure. same thing if i do a semi hard stop at a stop light it goe into what feels like neutral and i have to give it gas to build...
  5. Kracker

    New 1/8 et personal best for the 98

    new best et had a good night out finally got to see what she can really do when the weather is right rt................0.0361 60ft.............2.1338 330ft...........6.0659 et@594ft.....8.6848 1/8th et......9.2707 1/8th mph..76.81
  6. Kracker

    Parting out 97 lsc

    this is a complete car. Tell me what you need and i will see if it is there. One of the hid bulbs is good. the other is blown. the housings, driverside seat track are already sold as well as the Block and the heads. i am still up in the air about the irmc's send me a email or post with what you...
  7. Kracker

    ok new post un answered topic

    my 98 lsc has phantom door locks. did the wd40 sealed the keypad door switches work. the door lock unlock randomly or immediately after you lock them. it only happens when it rains or it is humid. soit is a moisture issue. the auto door lock is also tuned off. any ideas. i kow of another 98...
  8. Kracker

    Wtb 4.30 Any Body Got A Set

    I am price searching looking for that deal. Anyone have a set or and leads
  9. Kracker

    Well Got The Outside Cleaned Up

    well i got the outside cleaned up. YES THE WHEELS ARE ON BACKWARDS IT WAS STORMING WHEN WE CHANGED SO I REALLY WASN'T WORRIED ABOUT IT. Still good for FREE. I think I have the cheapest Mark
  10. Kracker

    Got another Mark

    well i just picked up another mark. 97 LSC. Owner tells me it has a blown head gasket. But still worth. Basically I was going to charge him $250. to do some work on his car and he offered me the Mark in trade. so i will resurrect it.
  11. Kracker

    Kracker 98-94 Transmission swap

    Here is my tech article i made for the gen2 to gen 1 Transmission swap It is the only tech link on the page so far. It is in PDf format so you guys can print it and have it right there. Let me know what you think I plan on making many more.
  12. Kracker

    spring cleaning

    Cleaned her all up removed the seats. and shampooed everything
  13. Kracker

    one of a kind

    why do people do this
  14. Kracker

    Looking for Snowflake centercaps

    Does anyone have an snowflake center caps laying around. I need four. I just switched to the snowflakes and some body had already grabbed the center caps. PM me or respond here you know the drill lol L8R
  15. Kracker

    Kracker's ride

  16. Kracker

    got our old mark back

    Me and the wife bought our old mark back. Heather's Screen name is Daphne. Trixie how do we get another lincolns of distinction decal the dealership removed the one i had on the mark. so i need another one still need to change my sig or give it to the wife. should have video sat from...
  17. Kracker

    i need help to many codes

    First here are the codes P0231--------- Fuel pump secondary circuit lo Fuel system mods SVT Focus Pump P0325---------Knock sensor 1 Circuit Malfuntion P0713---------Tansmission fluid Temp Sensor Circuit High Input P0781---------1 - 2 Shift Error P1170---------ESO - Engine Shut Off Solenoid...
  18. Kracker

    looking for help Heated seat install???

    i am getting heated seat out of another mark and was wondering what all is there i need to get from the donor car i know the seats and the dash bezel or is there a module anywhere else that i need to get with the heated seat system
  19. Kracker


    Had our first meet in dallas Wed. good turn out for the first meet 3 gen 1's and 2 gen 2's plus one LS. we meet Wed at the sonic on 3040 everyweek. How many did i need for a chapter again i forgot
  20. Kracker

    90mm maf

    will a big air maf lightning 90mm work on a gen2 98lsc