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    Thinking about new tires

    So what does everybody like in today's world for a new stock tire replacement?
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    Picking up my son from school

    How many 1st graders get picked up like this today?
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    My son on my tractor

    'Driving' my old Ford
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    Going to the track March 4, 2017

    Well the Lincoln is packed and ready to make a 400 mi round trip and some passes down the 1320 at Edgewater in Cleves, OH. (Cincinnati). It should be interesting to see what happens this time around.
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    Pics of junkyard rims over at LVC

    Posted in the Lincoln Mark VIII performance section. Drag radials coming soon.
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    Chrome 10 spoke directionals

    Can someone tell me why these are such a bitch to find? I swear I've found things that should be more rare easier!
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    Gonna strap it to a Mustang Dyno

    Any ideas what a stock 20 year old Mark VIII with UD pulleys will put down to rear tires?
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    At the track

    Waiting 3 hrs for 1st round of t-n-t
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    [ATTACH]13759Doing a lil work
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    Mark VIII values

    Am I just having a run finding expensive Mark VIII's or are these things going up in value. Seems like I'm seeing a lot of nice ones now in the 10-15k range. Is this the norm?
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    Mark VIII for sale on Hemmings

    There is a black/black 97 LSC on Octastars with a bone thrower. Car has 60k on it.
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    Dyno numbers

    So what do stock Mark VIIIs seem to put down at the rear tires and what does a tune seem to yield on these cars? Dyno Jet and Mustang dyno.
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    What seems to be the way to go 170* or 180*?
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    Pulleys Redux

    What has worked best for everyone? 1) A complete set of underdrive pulleys like a set from Steeda. 2) Run the crank underdrive, install an electric water pump, and run the stock alternator pulley.
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    What diff is everyone running in these hi tech irs rear ends?

    I ordered a set of gears today and I'm going to change the differential. I run a Detroit True Trac in my Mustang, what's the set up people like for IRS?
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    TCI or Circle D......something else?

    What's everyone's favorite brand torque converter and stall for a stock/bolt on full weight Mark 8? Ideas?
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    WTB: 96-98 Cobra Intake cams

    going out on a limb to see if anyone has a set they would like to sell?
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    Stock 97 LSC going back to track tomorrow

    Thinking there may be a bit left on the table I'm going to put the old girl back on the track tomorrow.
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    Stock 97 LSC going to the track Friday Oct 7

    Well I'm going to do something I said I probably wouldn't do. I'm just curious to see what the car will do. The car is stone stock with 32k on it now. Any tips launching these things? Any predictions for this 20yr old car?