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  1. J

    Sexy car Saturday

    Actually the vette belongs to a friend of mine.He picked it up a few days ago and he has to clean his garage out so he has a place to keep it.He asked if he could keep it at my house for a few days.It has 20 miles on it. Problem is he didn,t leave the key!
  2. J

    Sexy car Saturday

    New vs Old
  3. J

    Sexy car Saturday

    Thanks Bill,someday I,ll figure out how to use a
  4. J

    Sexy car Saturday

    Us old guys think Black and chrome is sexy!
  5. J

    6 cd changer.

    Thanks,Ill try cleaning the discs.
  6. J

    6 cd changer.

    My 6 cd changer still works pretty good but sometimes it will skip a cd when selected.Anyone know a fix for this?
  7. J


    Driller,what level of modification are the stock halfshafts able to handle?
  8. J

    A car photo to try posting photos on the new site

    I only put my camper pic up to see if it would work.
  9. J

    A car photo to try posting photos on the new site

    how did you do that!
  10. J

    A car photo to try posting photos on the new site

    Guess my pic didnt work
  11. J

    A car photo to try posting photos on the new site

    This is how I keep my grand kids from touching my car!
  12. J

    A car photo to try posting photos on the new site

    Looking good Bill,Wheres the convertible?
  13. J

    replacement speakers

    I have a 96 lsc with the stock factory sound system.I would like to replace the speakers with something a little better.Not looking to add any subs or amps just something a little better than stock.
  14. J

    Pinion seal leaking

    My 96 lsc has a small leak at the pinion seal.I,m thinking if I just drop the pig down with the axles still attached,unbolt the driveshaft and move it up,I may be able to remove the pinion flange and change the seal.Anybody ever tried this?
  15. J

    Question about speedo needle.

    On my 96 lsc the speedo needle is "sticky". when driving it will display an accurate speed.If you speed up or slow down it takes a few seconds to "catch up" to the new speed.Is this a common issue that I haven,t heard about yet?
  16. J

    third trip to dragstrip

    96 lsc bone stock.First trip,best run, ran 15.06,traction control on. Second trip,373 posi,Micket Thompson street et tires,100 shot nitrous,best et 13.82.Third trip(yesterday),125shot,2 1/4 dual exhaust with x pipe(got rid of third cat),magnaflow mufflers,tuner chip.Best run 13.02...
  17. J

    Problems on the road?

    Planning a trip in late april from Michigan to south carolina.(about 900 miles). I have a 96 lsc with 45k miles basically stock with a few bolt ons.I would like to Drive the Lincoln but worried about a breakdown on the road.Where would you go for service? I guess if I had to I could rent a car...
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    4 post car lift.

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