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    Reproduction window stickers

    exact replica lincoln mark viii window stickers! dont go to a show without one! dont you hate not having your window sticker? even if you have your original, wouldnt it be nice to have a mint one for the window, and keep yours put away safe. or maybe your original is a little worn and you...
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    Reproduction window stickers!!

    Have a nice show car or just a sweet mark that you have alot of pride in? Have all those records except for the darn window sticker that the previous owner had no use for and tossed it out! Well now you can solve that problem! For just $39.95 you can have that awesome finishing touch! Just call...
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    rear neon tabs??

    would you guys segjest putting some epoxy on them if they are NOT broken as a way of making them more resistant to breaking??
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    drivers mirror LEDs

    three of the six LEDs are out, is there a fix for this??
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    seats seem weak??

    ok first off here is some info on the car.its first owner was a retired man who kept it in a garage, and literally olny drove it on the weekends and in the 2 years he owned put 16k on it. the second owner just liked the car and in the 11 years he owned it put just under 14k on it. it lived most...
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    rear neon???

    hey, my mark suffered from the mold in the neon, i actually found a new take off neon, was taken off a new car in 98, and it is absolutely brand new. but my original is also like brand new, car only has 30k on it. i am saving the ballast as an extra, but it would be a shame to throw away an...
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    how do i post my car pics to the members rides???

    i want to post pics of My Ride??? how do i do this??? thanks..
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    is there ever a car show in RI??

    does this car club ever have a lincoln car show in rhode island? i want to join, but need some more info first.. thanks...