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  1. driller

    WTS: 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII Base - Silver (107K miles). to a nice home.

    Looks to be a well maintained Gen2. Good luck with the sale. (y)
  2. driller

    Brief Introduction

    Welcome to the Lincolns of Distinction! :) I've owned a couple of Town Cars and still have a 2006 Designer Town Car. They are excellent vehicles for sure. Not sure what peaks your interest, but a low mileage Town Car recently went for a record price on the BringATrailer auction site...
  3. driller

    LSC rear bumper covers

    Been a long time Jeff, glad to see you post! Good luck with the sale. :)
  4. driller

    cold start high revs

    Notwithstanding a vacuum leak, it sounds typical of an Idle Air Control Valve issue. Note that the manual states the Idle Air Control Valve cannot be cleaned and must be replaced. The Idle Air Control Valve on the Gen1's are a PITA to access. I've found removal of the cowl and/or the throttle...
  5. driller

    MKZ Hybrid 12v Battery Discharge

    Great to hear both you and the Z car are still kicking! ;)
  6. driller

    Post a picture you took today.

    Yeah, it's getting close to that time of year. I usually end up putting my toys away with the first snow accumulation forecast. I took the Mystery Mocha Mark VIII out the other day when it was in the 40's... the Kenne Bell blower really likes the cool air! :giggle:
  7. driller

    HVAC not changing modes.

    Look for the fitting on the intake manifold that has one large line and one small line on the tee fitting with the large line going to the brake booster. The small line coming off that tee fitting is the vacuum source for the EATC module. With loss of vacuum to the EATC, the defrost position is...
  8. driller

    Cooling Fan, AC compressor, air ride started acting up

    Your temp, fan and AC compressor problems sound symptomatic of the cooling fan not running. You can check to see if the cooling fan runs by switching on MAX AC. If it doesn't run, the first suspect would be the harness connection to the cooling fan. Due to high amperage the connection cooks and...
  9. driller

    Parts from 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC for sale

    I'd be interested in the front end parts and any spare parts you may have. <--- Click on my username and 'start conversation' to send me a message with details of what you have. ;)
  10. driller

    Hi! New VIII LSC owner 37K miles - A question or few

    You're going to be limited if you are not a paid member and the pics are not hosted online... (but if you email them to me,, I would be happy to post them here). Posting Pics My '96 is Opal Opalescent/Graphite... a lovely combo. (y)
  11. driller

    Hi! New VIII LSC owner 37K miles - A question or few

    Sway bar bushings are rubber and may appear dry rotted? Front sway bar links are easy/cheap enough to replace. Control arms/ball joints could be debatable, but for the peace of mind... :unsure:
  12. driller

    Strange noise on cold startup

    Of all the suggested sources, my money is on a vacuum leak. As these cars age, the rubber connections/components often lose their flexibility, particularly when cold. Often people suggest smoke testing to detect any leaks. I like to isolate any vacuum circuits and test with a hand pump type...
  13. driller

    An old fashioned progress thread, my new Collectors edition

    I like your Rotunda Air Spring Tool Kit. ;)
  14. driller

    Removing headlight assy's

    No. There are three retaining clips mounting the headlamp assembly. You can use external snap-ring pliers with 90 degree tips to spread the clips then pull straight upwards to remove them.
  15. driller

    Burping the cooling system

    If I'm reading this correctly, you never took off the cap at the crossover tube? That is a common mistake. The crossover tube is the highest point in the system and the place where you want to 'burp' or allow air out of the cooling system. It even helps more to elevate the front of the car. My...
  16. driller

    Will be selling the 2014 MKS

    Best of luck with the sale. Sounds like a nice low mileage Lincoln.
  17. driller

    Post a picture you took today.

    The VR goggles take a bit to get accustomed to, but it does beat the screen on the phone or even a tablet. It has an optional setting which uses sensors in the goggles to steer the camera while the controller steers the drone. You can fly one direction and look around in all directions by...
  18. driller

    Post a picture you took today.

    We used to have them at work. They were solid and performed well. It was around before the FAA started mandating drone restrictions. The newer one I have from DJI is a FPV drone with VR goggles. Here's a shot from last year...
  19. driller

    Post a picture you took today.

    What type of drone did you get? DJI?