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  1. sleeper

    It appears I will soon be without any Lincolns.

    It looks like I will soon not own any Lincoln vehicles, for the first time in 13 years. :( I got in an accident in my Navigator last week, and the insurance company totaled it. They are paying me quite well on it. It was just paid off the week before, and they're giving me $9700! Minus my...
  2. sleeper

    Is a block worth anything? how about the heads?

    I have a bad motor that I am going to take apart. Going to see what went wrong, at least. Does anyone really buy these blocks or heads used anymore? It's worth $.40 a lb at the scrapyard, but if I can get more than scrap value selling it to someone who would use it, I'll do that. What...
  3. sleeper

    Swapping 94 trans into 93 - what do I have to change?

    Trans in my 93 let go yesterday. I have a spare that I got a while back, and it's from a 94. It needs a tcc solenoid and a speedo gear, but is there anything else I need to change to make the 94 trans work in the 93? Not sure if any shift solenoids are different or anything.
  4. sleeper

    why won't my car cool?

    So I finally got the new motor in my '93. Junkyard motor, supposedly has 98k miles on it. Took it for a drive, everything is good except for an exhaust leak, but the temperature keeps rising. I get home, and there's a hole in the radiator, and steam / coolant are coming out. I replace the...
  5. sleeper

    WTB: I need a motor

    Anyone have a motor they can sell me on the cheap? My uncle has been driving my mark 8 lately. Today, he called me and said it died. He said it just stopped, gave out a puff of blue smoke. No noises or anything. He said he was slowing down for a stop sign at the time. But it won't crank...
  6. sleeper

    Do I need to change the 2-3 accumulator?

    My '93 Mark 8 shifts lazy when you're not on the throttle. I was going to change the tranny fluid, and change the 1-2 accumulator and spring, remove the bottom spring. Do I need to change the 2-3 accumulator too? I'd rather not pull the valve body if I don't have to. I'm not going to bother...
  7. sleeper

    What springs to buy?

    I put on my spare pair of front bags yesterday and it seems that they may be leaking. Have to diagnose tonight (might be o-ring, might be my roommate messing with the switches when I wasn't looking) but if they're bad i'm going springs. I don't use the auto-level feature any more anyway, and I...
  8. sleeper

    Can't get heat out of "floor" position

    My navigator has been acting a little goofy lately. There are a couple of problems that may be interrelated. First, the heat won't blow out of the "floor" position. It will blow out of defrost, vents, or defrost and floor, but as soon as you switch it to floor, it goes out of the defrost...
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    So my big vacation this summer was a trip to Bonneville, with a friend of mine who runs MonkeyWrench Racing. He built a 200+ mph Celica, and we went out to run it. First is his forum write up, second is a quick informal summary he wrote up on another forum before he got around to writing up...
  10. sleeper

    Car hesitating at WOT

    My '93 is hesitating, almost as if it's out of gas, whenever I go WOT and let the revs get up there a bit. Sometimes it happens at low revs and low throttle openings too, but it's more consistent up top. The rest of the time it runs pretty well, except it occasionally stumbles right off idle...
  11. sleeper

    WTB: Tires

    I need used tires, preferably with decent tread. 245 50 16's preferred, 225 60 16's usable. I can use as many as you can give me. Some will be for my '93 Mark, some will be for a '99 Crown Vic to race in the 24 hours of lemons. Needless to say, these need to be cheap. Cheap cheap. Or free.
  12. sleeper

    laundry list of codes

    I finally got around to pulling the codes from my '93 yesterday, and there were a handful. 113 (IAT was/is open) 176, 177 (Left o2 not switching, rich/lean respectively) 332 (EGR not responding) 524 (problem in low speed fuel pump circuit) 543 (fuel pump monitor circuit shows no power) And a...
  13. sleeper

    Compressor won't kick on

    Air ride light came on yesterday morning. Front end went down. Some diagnosis reveals that the compressor won't kick on. The front leaks down when the computer opens the solenoids and tries to kick on the compressor because i need to replace the o-ring on the dryer. If I put voltage to the...
  14. sleeper

    1993 Mark VIII - flat black

    Here's my new-to-me ride. About $1800 so far, but that will go down when I return some unused stuff to murrays and go up as I do a few more little things to it. Having it "done" for under $2k isn't too bad, just a bit over budget. I couldn't seem to find a nice one anywhere near that cheap...
  15. sleeper

    Anyone have a diagram for the fuse panels?

    I need a diagram for the fuse panel under the hood on my '93 Mark 8. I need to know where the relay and fuse(s) for the ABS are. Previous owner pulled the fuse for the ABS because "it killed the battery". I'm going to throw an $8 relay at it, replace the fuse, and see if that fixes the...
  16. sleeper

    WTB: $1500 Mark VIII

    See title. I'm looking for another "beater" or second car. I want a Mark VIII. Budget is $1500. My criteria: - 150k or less - functioning air suspension (no coils) - no significant rust. Minor surface rust acceptable. - decent usable interior, no major rips or tears. Prefer heated...
  17. sleeper

    24 hours of Lemons

    Ran it again this year. Drove this time. Our team put in two cars, the RealJunk Acura Integra and the Crown Royal Victoria. I drove the Crown Vic. Completely stock '99 ex-cop car. We kicked ass. I was passing BMW's, Hondas, VW's, etc. on the track in a frickin' Crown Vic. The Integra came...
  18. sleeper

    Crank sensor problem in my Mark VIII

    Well, not mine anymore. I'm still in contact with the new owner of my old '97, and it's getting near 130k now. Yesterday he had a crank no start problem, and the car didn't throw any codes. He picked up a new crank sensor and now all is well. Other than that he's put a suspension air...
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    lining up painted stud?

    I had my tires rotated recently, and ever since, there's a slight vibration at 45-55 mph. just a slight shimmy in the steering wheel. Is there a specific way to line up the painted stud on the front hub with the valve stem on the wheel to minimize runout? I think this might be the problem, as...