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    Heats up at 70+ mph

    Hey guys. My coolant system is relatively new but on the drive to work the cars thermostat starts to climb as I go over 70mph. I burped the car yesterday and just went for a test drive but it's still happening. The car runs I believe 2500 rpm @ 75 in forth but I can run the same rpm around 50...
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    I've been without a car for about a month now trying to figure out what's been wrong with it. I was having problems with the car over heating, it turns out the fan was only working sometimes before it completely died. Found out my A/C clutch was not engaging also, and read the two parts were...
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    WTB: thermostat housing

    Im in need of the aluminum housing for our thermostat (1998 mk8). Maybe one of you guys has one laying around? :o
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    boiling over

    To make a long story short-my coolant keeps over-flowing out of the reservoir. It started on idle, the car would spontaneously spit all of its coolant out of the reservoir while i was venting the air (in the cabin). So i filled it incorrectly, and it happens again. It basically spits out ALL...
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    heating up

    So on a long drive home (4 hours), the car started to overheat when i would do 2500 rpms + on the highway in 4th gear. I have a new T-stat, fan, radiator and coolant. I pulled into a rest stop to see if it was low and cracked the coolant cap slowly and coolant started to leak out so i knew it...
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    Vibration noise

    I have no idea if its the transmission, T/C, driveshaft or rear... I'm getting a noise vibration cruising at constant throttle, and braking (once the car gets to about the 2000-1000 RPM range there is a loud vibration noise). It does not do this when i brake with it in neutral. The...
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    What should i gap my spark plugs to for an S/C set up? (I lost my book with all this stuff in it... haha). And maybe i'll get a second opinion as well... My cars idle is bouncing up and down fast, and it seems like the passanger side exhaust is exhaling more than the drivers side. Smells rich...
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    tight left turn

    The steering in my car is getting really right (like have trouble turning the wheel) and sounds like its grinding under acceleration in 1st gear (say accelerating through a U-turn). What gives? I just put on some kooks? idling around a corner is fine, its just when i accelerate. And only...
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    0 mile mark 8

    Just drove the mark now that it is basically all new :D I replaced the transmission and T/C (9.5in 3k stall). Installed the kooks headers attached to 2in straight pipes with stock mufflers. Also got a completely new motor. The old motor was leaking coolant out of the water pump, oil out of...
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    how fast in the 1/4?

    For those of you that know mopar... A friend of mine has a 07 (i think) charger, its a super bee. He's got a cold air intake and a mail order tune. He wants to race... How fast do I need to be to win? 12.5...? :confused:
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    SC+headers=new tune?

    I have the chance to install my long tubes on my SCed mark now. Would I have to get it retuned since it's probably going to result in a loss of boost? :confused:
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    I thought a few people on here would appreciate this car... I know i want it :cool: Custom 1967 stang... Uses 4.6L (i think marauder block) with a procharger and viper 6-speed transmission. On ebay they're claiming 700hp
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    Ugly =(

    I was driving back from Fridays tonight with my girlfriend who's thinking about selling her 97 celica. We were talking about what she should get instead and I suggested a Mark 8, and the reply was something as follows: "No offense but I think your car's really ugly... It just reminds me of an...
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    bad o2s?

    would the check engine light go on in the mark if any of the 02 sensors were bad? i've been reading in some other forums that 02s should be changed every 100k miles. Could this cause a lean condition and a stumbling idle?
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    Would welding 2.5in long tubes up to the stock 2in LSC exhaust yield any performance improvement or would there only be an improvement with 2.5in pipes?
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    wow, fast mark8

    is this anyone on the forum? How much horsepower to the wheels? Must be a 2nd gear run with a 4.10 rear?
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    Another oil leak.

    The more i fix the more they come :frown::rolleyes: This piece seems to be responsible for the huge puddle underneath my car as i pulled into my parking space. Is this the oil pressure sensor? I've never had to mess with it before.
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    shocks installed

    my new shocks are finally in the car along with new bushings. I've read some bad things about the cobra bilstein shocks like that they'd make the ride rough without any real improvement with handleing and after a test drive I think thats false. Along with the air suspension the ride was smooth...
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    No start up

    Today I started my car up and it turned on fine, but I had to go up to my apartment and came back down and it wouldn't turn on again. All of the electronics work, the battery isn't dead. The engine won't turn over though and it sounds like an electrical short when I try turning the key (zap zap...
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    bad flush?

    just curious... I was going to change my girlfriends tranny fluids but her dad told her not to have them changed because it could screw up her car since it has over 100k miles (probibly around 115k). is there any truth to that? i noticed that she was low and I know she hasn't changed them...