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    We are vindicated!

    The most intelligent thing AI ever said :)
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    Local 1978 Lincoln Mark V Cartier for sale

    Not my first choice of color but i love these old boats. Like driving a living room sitting on a couch. Only one photo and short description $6,000 1978 Lincoln Mark V Cartier, Lt. Champagne 460 eng. Am/FM Search/Tape Ill. Entry Fuel Indicator Defroster Group Tilt Wheel Speed Control Int...
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    1998 Mark VIII back on the street after 5 years in the garage

    For the headlight the SYLVANIA - Headlight Restoration Kit comes with the clear coat to keep them looking clear. For brake shimmy if the previous shop over torqued the lugs one at a time it can warp the...
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    Newer focus wheels interchange?

    Hub-centric rings don't carry any load and are not required for a secure installation. However they help line things up to minimize the chance of higher speed vibrations.
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    Draining gas tank

    can you just drain from a fuel line and somehow run the fuel pump?
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    What brand front air struts.

    From what I recall you can't get OEM for a long time now unless you can find NOS, and that is hard to find.
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    What brand front air struts.

    $2,928.50 :eek:
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    What brand front air struts.

    I don't recall that i ever replaced my front air springs when i had my Mark VIII, but for the rears I used Suncore
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    98 LSC

    The puddle lights are incandescent so you can get a replacement bulb or even LED now probably, i switch my Ford Flex to an LED puddle light. . If you had a just few LEDs out then i say it was the individual LED bulbs. Can always test the wiring for power.
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    98 LSC

    welcome, the LEDs circuit board in the side view mirrors maybe be shot.
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    Welcome. It may be hard to tell if the ECU has been tuned, detecting ECU remapping can be difficult, as the information stored in the ECU can only be accessed by the manufacturer. Someone who has does tuning here can chime in, SCT may have stored a value in the ECU memory that indicates their...
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    No Mark V111,s

    The Mark VIII is very underappreciated by the masses. Also maybe all the owners that have good Mark VIIIs don't want to sell them.
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    Happy new year!

    Happy New Year!
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    No longer a Lincoln owner

    I have a 2013 Flex :eek:
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    No longer a Lincoln owner

    Good luck with the new car. Sold the 2104 MKS to Carvana last month. The issue i have with Ford/Lincoln is not continuing to supply replacement parts for the electronic modules and other parts. The MKS had the known issue with the capacitive buttons for the HVC where the drivers side increase...
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    Will be selling the 2014 MKS

    Wondering if they have a prep and body shop out in IN. Where I dropped it off close to where i live is a huge car auction place they they bought, Adesa. I guess they decided to fix it and retail it with the low miles.
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    Will be selling the 2014 MKS

    Carvana fixed the passenger door rear dent and detailed it up and they are selling it certified retail. It's in greenfield indiana but it's not a retail location, so they will ship it . Have it listed at $20,990 link
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    Brief Introduction