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  1. Trixie

    What's happened to this club and our database?

    So now that I'm single and have to work on my car myself, I find myself very angry that I can't even search this message board that I spent close to 20 years helping to build. And the issues we have with this new message board have led to such decreased traffic that there's no one who comes...
  2. Trixie

    Check Engine Light On

    Got some repairs to the car, on the way home check engine light came on. Car seems absolutely fine. Have no idea how to pull codes, do have SCT tuner, forgot how it works. Afraid to even try to do a search. Any help appreciated. Repair work done includes new radiator, new brake lines, fluid...
  3. Trixie


    Let's see if this works with a new title: Trixie's Bar and Garage will be relocating next week and probably the week after if all goes well. Anyone interested in helping?
  4. Trixie

    Testing posting pics

    [No message]
  5. Trixie

    Any Pearl Jam fans here?

    Just wondering. Have ulterior motive, also. :cool:
  6. Trixie

    WTB: Beater, 1K or less, Chicago area

    Have a friend in the city who has been through the loss of her unborn child, the loss of her job, finding her boss dead in his apartment and her car totalled and now a broken foot. She is looking for a car right now just a beater having no funds at the moment. I'd say prob not a Mark, hard to...
  7. Trixie


    is marking this site, specifically the forums as a "phishing" site. Not sure what you can do but I'm having difficulties getting in here.
  8. Trixie

    Can't stay logged in?

    Since the upgrade, I can't seem to stay logged in. If I click on home, after the Forums, and go back to forums, I need to log back in. I click on the remember me button, but it doesn't. Just me? Anyone else?
  9. Trixie

    Still getting noticed!

    I was out and about today, looking for a store I couldn't find so very distracted), and some guy in an eclipse I believe pulls up next to me at a light and motions me to roll down window. I was confused, cause I had no clue where I was going anyway, but he asked what year my car was, and...
  10. Trixie

    New computer, help please with word/excel!

    So, my computer totally crashed the other night. Took it to geeksquad cause no help here at home, and just got new computer and had them transfer files. Well, not everything transfers over, and I cannot remember so much stuff that I had, like word and excel. I have a code here but it's an old...
  11. Trixie

    Help for a friend w/2005 Kia Sorento

    Don't have all the details, but she went somewhere they told her bad u-joint, $800. Symptoms just started yesterday, vibrations on braking. Got new tires on front, as old ones had wear on the inside. Going for a 2nd opinion now, but if anyone has ideas, please let me know, she doesn't have...
  12. Trixie

    e-brake "sticks" ?

    So, I've been bugging hubby about this a lot, but it doesn't seem to happen to him, so nothing's been done about it. I always use the ebrake. However, when I back out of the garage, or a parking space, it's like it's not completely releasing and I hear something which kinda sounds like a...
  13. Trixie


    Shoot, I haven't seen the call for dues, and need to pay. Can't remember whether paypal and to what addy to send it to, or if dues are still $20, or if we are supposed to use the forum thingie. Fine, I'm making no sense. I'm tired. But don't want to forget to pay my dues for 2015.
  14. Trixie

    Looking for reputable car modifier in FL panhandle area

    I have a disabled friend who lives around the panhandle area of Florida. She needs to have her car (I forgot to ask what she drives) converted but has no idea where to start looking to find someone who does this kind of work. If anyone has suggestions, or even better names of reputable places...
  15. Trixie

    We lost another good one

    I really hate to share this sad news, but Gonzo passed away this morning. :frown-blue: I never saw anyone fight such a good fight. He was such a good man, from the small business dealings I had with him, to actually meeting him at the Detroit meet, along with his family, whom I didn't get to...
  16. Trixie

    Belated Detroit '13 pics

    So, the Kid appears to have added more pics from the Detroit meet last year. I think. He was very fussy about touching up the photos before posting them, as he does want his pictures to look professional. He does prints, yada yada, and Mike (Tixer - you need a number, too many Mike's)...
  17. Trixie

    Happy Birthday JP!

    It's weird not spending it with you, especially as you tend to celebrate your birthday for weeks on end. :p But wishing you all the best for a great birthday and many more to come! And hoping you have many cakes to celebrate with. :thumbsup:
  18. Trixie

    Hello New users!

    So basically I'm happy you are here but I suck at keeping up. Thank you very much for joining us, I hope you have fun and learn here and pass knowledge on to others. If the mods can assist you at all please let us know, cause I'm not in charge but I've been sucking at keeping up with you all...
  19. Trixie

    Tucker and Dale vs. Evil - Movie

    :laugh: So Mark was over last night, and I excused myself to go watch a horror movie (Comcast on Demand, Fearnet), that I didn't have high hopes for but was one of the very few movies I hadn't seen which was on fearnet. Mark tells me about this new movie he saw that I should check out, and...
  20. Trixie

    Hey MN Wild Fans!

    Well, first off, sorry I'm MIA a lot. My brother, whom I haven't seen in years, has moved from CA to Duluth. We both love hockey, especially the NON REGULATION LOSING team the Blackhawks, although we lost to the Wild in a shoot out, but everyone who loves hockey knows that doesn't count...