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    Carlisle Ford Nationals 2021

    Even if you can't make it, you should fix many of them.
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    Fuel smell

    So in preparation for my new Garage(s) (comes with a house) I have ordered one (1) Motorcraft CX-1687 Purge Valve. Will be my first work done in the new garage. Do not close till June 14th though, so no update for a while.
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    Fuel smell

    Hyde gets the smell, Jeremi told me that he would diagnose over the phone, likely the evap lines in the passenger wheel well needed to be swapped around. Never did anything about it. I'll investigate the link provided above and see if it's the same issue as mine.
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    Weird air suspension problem, any ideas?

    If not the relay, could be the connector to the relay on the compressor.
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    Welcome. There are a few from Mass on here, myself included. Would love to see pics.
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    1978 Town Coupe Convertible

    Try these guys
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    FS 2016 Chevy Cruze - 22K Miles

    I don't think I knew you had this car.
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    Woe is me

    So Massachusetts has really hammered down on their inspection systems. Both my modified Marks will fail due to the decible sound of the exhaust. So i will definitely need to silence the exhaust to keep driving in Massachusetts. I'm a back road driver, not a drag strip or track guy. I'm at the...
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    Back in a Lincoln as a Daily

    And it feels great. From 2000 through 2011 my dd was a Lincoln, and I'm back. I'll snap some outside shots in a few when the sun comes back out, but I took this halfway home yesterday. Very happy. 2017 MKZ Reserve 3.0T This is a company car, 3 year lease with 24k miles/year. I travel approx...
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    WTB: In Search Of Octastar Center Cap

    I forgot to search over the winter. Was 70 out yesterday so we went for a cruise. Anyone have a lead on some centercaps?
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    95 Mark VIII Convertible

    So I decided that since I have not found a 6' tall redhead to sink my money into I would step my game up to a 19 Year Old Convertible Mark VIII. Ultimately this decision will cost me more, but imma gonna enjoy the ride. I have already put on the Octastars that I got from DieselDan as I...
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    Air Suspension - again

    So I just ordered (1) AVS16 and (1) AVS17 for my new ride. I found these part numbers and Link in Leo's Mosse Air Suspension thread. These are the front left and right, correct? Anyone have the link for the rears? Google is not cooperating with me.
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    Think i've lost my top Yup.:cool:
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    MRHYDE needs front brakes

    I am in the process of researching replacement rotors and pads for my front Brembo setup. I stupidly wasn't paying too much attention to the brakes until I noticed the passenger side wasn't actually working:embarrassed:. I need to smarten up sometimes. Unfortunately when I looked at the rotors I...
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    Nylon Lock Nuts

    Nylon Lock Nuts (nylock) are a one time use only. It held on there for a while, but all the wheel hop ultimately backed this sucker off. The rear end was all over the place. So if you didn't know, All Nylon Lock Nuts are a one time only deal. When they get threaded they cut grooves in the nylon...
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    New Rims for MRHYDE

    Although the black FR500's did grow on me I want another set of rims. I am thinking of the Black Chrome FR500's but I am curious how I can go about figuring out exactly what rims will fit with the mustang hubs and the M-2300-X Brembo 4-piston calipers. I am trying to google but appreciate any...
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    1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan Company had a good year and I got a nice bonus a few weeks back. Hmmmmm. Only an hour away, might have to take a drive this weekend and check out the restoration since the pics seem to be both before and after.
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    Raxiom Digital Shift Knob - Manual (79-14 All)

    Thinking this should be a simple mod.
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    Losing tranny fluid in the sho

    So, driving to Ohio and the vent relief hose??? came off and been spilling Mercon v out. The hose lost its clamp and was completely off. Not really sure what it is. Should have snapped pic. Maybe from transfer case? Shifting smooth. Only half way there. Then need to drive back. 5 more hours...
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    Hmmmm - Should I? 38,500 miles. Sits in a warehouse on tires. Will need new tread. Dark Portfolio Blue? with Ivory interior. Bacon on the rear window. Mmmmm, Bacon.... But not this kind. Stock Lights!!! Gonna drive an hour tomorrow to check it out. Never know.