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  1. Rene

    Still Here

    I'm glad to see you post! It's been a long time!!
  2. Rene

    A Local Lincoln car show

    The tough thing is, it's always the weekend before the Dream Cruise, which I really wanted to see this year.
  3. Rene

    A Local Lincoln car show

    Oooh, sounds interesting!
  4. Rene

    Carlisle Ford Nationals 2021

    I have reservations and Gate-N-Go set up... I hope we get to go this year!
  5. Rene

    RIP Tony Stambrouskas

    Very sad to hear this :cry:
  6. Rene

    Friday night Dinner

    Friday night is already set up. Friday Night Dinner: Rustic Tavern 823 Newville Road Carlisle, PA 17013 6/2 at 7:30, for 40 people We will have a special group menu, rather than the full menu. This will help speed things up in the kitchen. I specified that we need some vegetarian options...
  7. Rene

    2nd Gen Headlight Assembly

    Does anyone know the correct part number for the 2nd Gen HID headlight assembly? I find two different part numbers online: 13005 and 13008. Both claim to be the HID part number. The spare assemblies I have say Sylvania on them, with part number 13005. Did Sylvania also make the halogen...
  8. Rene

    2017 Lincoln Event

    The group at the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals is thinking about having a special celebration in 2017 for the Lincoln Motor Company's birthday! I know it seems like it's way early to post about this, but they need our input to see if there's enough interest to plan a special display for this...
  9. Rene

    2016 Carlisle Dinners

    I set up a couple of dinner reservations for anyone that wants to join in! These are places that we tried out last year, and the food was great! Thursday Night Dinner: 1794 The Whiskey Rebellion Comfort Suites (Hotel Restaurant) 10 South Hanover Street Carlisle, PA 170 6/2 at 8:00, for 12...
  10. Rene

    New Member in Elkhart?

    I heard at Carlisle that we had a new member from Elkhart, IN. If so, I hope we can meet some time this summer!
  11. Rene

    Home From Carlisle

    Did everyone get home safe? We split our trip home in half, and stopped in Youngstown (OH) last night. We got home at 2:00 today. Today was a nice, dry trip ... last night was a monsoon in PA!
  12. Rene

    Auburn Spring 2014

    A few Lincoln pics from the auction/show we went to last weekend. The Lincoln stretch had Town Car badges on the lower front fenders.
  13. Rene

    How many registered?

    I haven't seen the annual list of who is going for sure.
  14. Rene

    Ford 110 Year Display

    I finally got the news I've been waiting for. My car has been accepted in the Ford 110 Year Display at Carlisle! El Presidente: Can I get some extra club business cards? I'd like to set them out for people passing through, if I'm allowed to :D
  15. Rene

    Happy New Year!!

    I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year!
  16. Rene

    VeeDub got new shoes!

    After putting up with rotten factory wheels that were looking worse by the minute, VeeDub finally got some new ones today! Pics of old and new:
  17. Rene

    Home Safe!

    We made it home in the normal time, 9 hours. This makes 11 trouble-free trips to Carlisle in the Mark! I hope everyone gets home safe!! Thank you for the club award (Best Lincoln Stock)!!!! Really cool!
  18. Rene

    Carlisle Dinner

    Are we doing the awards banquet/dinner at the Comfort Suites again? If so, do we pay ahead of time like last year?
  19. Rene

    Thank You!

    I am so happy to have my bits of rear window lasagna repaired with your kit at Carlisle! The back window looks like new again ... thank you for doing the professional installation :)
  20. Rene

    Home Again ...

    I hope everyone has a good trip home like we did ... no issues, and no bad weather! Be careful guys :)