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    The wife's new Lincoln Corsair Reserve

    The wife's 2023 Lincoln Corsair Reserve finally arrived -- after 9 months and 3 days. It is powered by a four banger 2.0L (!) GTDI (Gasoline Turbo charged Direct Injection) motor. It doesn't have the acceleration (measure by butt-O-meter) of the 3.5L six MKZ, but it will get on it. We will age...

    New Lincoln Corsair Debuts with ActiveGlide Hands-Free Lane Changing; Brings Advanced Tech to Small Premium SUV Segment

    The wife is really sad about giving up her 2011 MKZ. She is still making noises about keeping it. In theory, they will start making 2023 Corsairs 1/6/2023. There is still no production date on the Mavrick I ordered.

    New Lincoln Corsair Debuts with ActiveGlide Hands-Free Lane Changing; Brings Advanced Tech to Small Premium SUV Segment

    The wife just ordered a 2023 Corsair. Red of course. I ordered a 2023 Maverik hybrid. I hope we are not disappointed.

    Call for 2021 Lincolns Of Distinction dues

    20 bucks for this side of the ocean or 30 bucks for the other side.

    Call for 2021 Lincolns Of Distinction dues

    The official call for 2021 Lincolns Of Distinction dues is now. Although we have a system where you can renew at any time of the year. Dues received after June will be considered for that next year. You can renew by Pay Pal through this link...

    LOD Needs you -- Join up Now!

    The official call for 2018 Lincolns Of Distinction dues is Nov 1 through December 31st. If you are not a member, please think about joining and supporting the Lincolns Of Distinction car club. As a Paid Member you will receive an ID card and a windshield sticker for your Lincoln. You will...

    The Unexpected Message on Message Center

    Does anybody remember the posting about the message center's displaying the state of the passenger's underwear? I cannot find that posting. Is it still around?

    HOTLNCs new owner will be CarsForKids

    Well, after new O2 sensors and all the other minor fixes possible, HOTLNC is still failing emissions. After each part replacement or fix, the numbers are getting higher. That leaves the cats. With a motor that is still strong at 300K miles, I'm done spending money on it. I'll be donating the...

    HOTLNC at EOL??

    Well, I tried all of the chemical "fixes." I'm failing Nox by almost 10 times standard reading at 25 MPH. Everything else is fine. It is throwing no codes, other than spastic O2 Sensors. Are there any suggestions aside from putting it down? Odo shows 295,041 miles.
  10. HOTLNC

    WTB: Need a 1994 Mark VIII Variable Control Relay module

    I'm looking for a 1994 Mark VIII Variable Control Relay module (F3LF-12B577-AG). I think mine has bitten the big one. I removed the old one. All connectors look clean. I cleaned them anyway. Inside the module the PCB looks pristine. Nothing burnt; no visible damage. The only thing left to do...
  11. HOTLNC

    Shelby Mustang Raffle

    Here is a link to a 2016 Shelby Mustang raffle. Seeing the ticket sales are limited, the odd are much better than a lottery. Good luck.
  12. HOTLNC

    Top EGR Valve To Exhaust Manifold Tube Nut

    The BOOK says I'm to use a 22mm crowfoot wrench to loosen this nut. A 22mm will not fit. A 24mm will not fit. Just how big a crowfoot wrench do I need to loosen this nut? Replacing the EGR valve -- maybe. Help!
  13. HOTLNC

    Publisher's Clearing House Check Scam

    My wife got a letter today from the Publisher's Clearing House's 100 Million Dollars Super Cash Giveaway Promotion", saying she won second prize. They enclosed a check for $6,470.20, to "cover insurance and attorney fees." She's supposed to call a telephone number and speak to Mr. Miller BEFORE...
  14. HOTLNC

    Anybody have Experience replacing a Gen I door latch assembly?

    I'm replacing a worn out driver side door latch. This is the latch assembly that is inside the door. This is the part that the inner and outer door handles are normally used used to unlock and open the driver's side door. My unit is so worn out, opening the door is a three step process: 1)...
  15. HOTLNC

    WTB: Need 93-95 Rear Reflector

    I need a rear reflector for HOTLNC (94). Most of the rear lights and the lock cover connect to this trunk lid length part. I will even take a lock cover, if you have one. Mine is showing it's age -- most of the RED is faded out and the plastic is not connected to the cover. I'm assuming the 93...
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    Perry White's Mark VIII

    I was watching old episodes of Lois and Clark and found one that showed newspaper editor, Perry White's garage. He invited Jimmy to his house to work on his green car -- the shifter wasn't working. Before working on the car, Perry showed off an old restored 1932 Ford that sat next to the modern...
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    Rain, Sleet, Snow or the dark of night.....

    Actually, the ice did it. We've had no postal service or newspapers delivered since Thursday, Dec 5th. The good news is we've had no power disruptions (knock on wood.)
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    2014 Dues Reminder

    This is a reminder for everyone for the 2014 membership dues. The membership year is January 1 to December 31. Any new member who paid their dues after September 30 will be considered paid for the following year. $20 annually entitles you to receive: •Full membership status in the...
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    Need Chrome Wheel

    A club member is looking for an OEM, Chrome, Double Window, Directional Wheel for the passenger side of his 1997 Lincoln Continental. He's found one on the web for over 300 bucks. BUt he is hoping another member has a good used one than he'll sell for less. Does anybody have a passenger side...
  20. HOTLNC

    My Holes Are All Plugged Up

    I was doing a vacuum bleed of our old Ford F350's brakes and I found all of the bleeder valves plugged with dirt. I had to remove the valves completely to unplug them. I guess I better buy some covers for the valves. At the beginning of summer, the dirt dubbers even sealed up the ignition...