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    Limiting Blend Door Actuator Travel to Keep the plastic arm from Breaking

    Bill,does this blend door problem only happen on 97/98 models?
  2. J

    No Mark V111,s

    Watched the recent Mecum auction in Kisseme,florida(4500 cars) and the Barret/jackson auction(2000 cars),and did not see one Mark V111.They had every other kind of car youd think there would have been at least one MarkV111!
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    Asham Module installed in my CE

    Is the Asham8 available anywhere or did you make it yourself?
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    Oil Temp Sensor Open Error

    Bill, I have several of these sensors.They are the single pin kind.The part # is F5AF-6C624-BA.Do you know what these are for?
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    Radio problem

    Got my new/used amp from racebronco2(carlos) yesterday and installed it.Everything works great again! Thanks carlos for the amp and billcu for the details about installing it!
  6. J

    Radio problem

    Thanks driller,I already ordered one from him.Should be here tommorrow!
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    Radio problem

  8. J

    Radio problem

    Bill,do you know the part number for the amp I need.I have a 96 lsc with the factory cd changer and phone.I found one on ebay but the seller said to verify the part number.
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    Radio problem

    I was gonna come to fort street saturday but I didn,t want to drive all that way without music.How hard is it to change one out?
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    Radio problem

    Is there any way to test the amplifier? I kinda like the stock system.where can I get another amp?
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    Radio problem

    does it all the time.It does it as soon as you turn it on,the radio or cd player doesn,t work,just static and crackling.
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    Radio problem

    I have a 96 lsc with the factory sound system with the 10 disc cd changer.When I turn the radio on all I get is static and loud crackling noises.I tried changing the in dash radio since I have a spare and I get the same thing.Any sugestions as to where to look next?
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    Snapping, popping when cold. Fuel pressure?

    Hi Yarko,I have a 96 mark viii.I upgraded the fuel pump and installed a fuel pressure gauge since I run a 125 shot of nitrous.At idle the gauge reads 30 psi,under acceleration it jumps to 40 psi.Hope this helps.
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    Tony Angelo installs a turbo in a 98 Mark VIII

    anxious to see how it does at the dragstrip.Especioully if they dont do anything with the rear axle.
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    CD changer died.

    I agree bill.
  16. J

    CD changer died.

    Update! Unhooked the battery for 5 minutes,hooked it back up,cd changer works! Guess it just needed a reboot!
  17. J

    CD changer died.

    My 96 lsc has the 10 disc changer in the trunk which has always worked well and I use all the time.A couple days ago I was driving down the road,listening to a cd when it just shut off.When I push the cd button it says no cd.I tried pulling the cartridge out and put it back in but still says no...
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    Returning to my roots...

    Sounds awesome! I,ve gotta get mine to the drag strip at least once this year.
  19. J

    Post a picture you took today.

    You need shorter cars or a taller ceiling!
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    AC Tribulations

    Just out of curiosity did they verify there is freon in the system.I,ve worked on ac systems that had an ecm problem and I ran 12 volts right to the compressor for verification.