Hi guys!


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I've been frequenting this forum for a couple years now, ono and off but never registered. Recent issues with my car have forced me to do so to get some friendly advice.
Thanks :)


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You don't have to have problems with your car to join us though.:D

What kind of car do you have?


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Thanks all for the warm welcome. really glad to be a part of the family!
Oh and the car is a black 94 Mark VIII. I just bought it last week from someone who took pretty good care of it. had the air ride replaced with the coil conversion, as well as a rebuilt trans and just very well maintained. car looks and runs almost like new at 140k!
My old mark viii with 120k,which i've owned for just about 9 years, still runs but with the suspension being gone, needing a new exhaust, rims,and some serious body work(rusting) it wasn't worth keeping...i really need to take some pics and post them here. you guys would be shocked to see how well that bad boy ran for over 6 months in that condition, in the winter!! how i'll never forget...Oh, and last month it started accelerating constantly..HAHA it just wont die!!:laugh:
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