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Mad1stGen. I seen your reply to my Introduction on the fourm. I am looking for someone to swap the motors in my mark viii for me. I live in Westland Mich

My name is Jase. My sister recently got engaged and her fiancé repeatedly mentioned how he wished to get nominated for the Tennessee Squire Association. I figured I would try to get him a nomination for part of their engagement/wedding gift and welcome him into the family the right way (over some Jack). Anyways,*I have found it to be difficult to get this for him and am wondering if you can help or direct me to someone who can help. I would really appreciate it.

Hey what does your tranny temp run at with it mounted down there I am hoping for around 170° or under
Sorry for the delay, since I don't have any Marks left I rarely get on here. Email me at robcovar@aol.com, with that I can always respond quick. I'm terrible at posting things on the forum, but if you email me with what you want pictures of I will send back asap. Was keeping the parts if I got another Mark, but now I have 2 cars, and want a bike, so figured it would be a good while before I could put any of this stuff, and anyway I can help anybody on the forum, I'd rather see them being used instead of sitting. Shoot me an email, and will get pictures of whatever your interested in. Thanks again, Rob.