FS: 2002 Cadillac ETC


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For Sale - 2002 Cadillac Eldorado Touring Coupe

Bright Silver / Charcoal Grey

- Heated Seats
- Power Sunroof
- 12 Disk CD Changer
(I'm not sure if there were any other options, but this car would have them)

87K Miles

I'll be asking $6500 obo when I put this for sale online.
If you are a member here, $5000 takes it and it's worth every dollar.

This was my father's car, I'd actually like to keep it, but since I'm now the only one who drives in my family, 8 cars is just too many. :D
There's been some talk around here of good winter cars. This would be one, FWD, traction & stability control, everything works perfectly (my father was meticulous).

If anyone is interested please PM or e-mail me.



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and I figured he was waiting to pitch it to you, specifically.

Just tuck it away. All the other kids will have Corvette posters on their walls, and Ariston will be all like. "wanna see mine? it's in the garage"


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It will be a while before I am back in a Vette. Swim lessons, Taekwondo lessons, preschool, soccer, b-day parties (have to have one at home for the family and one for kids at chucky cheese types places now), school photos, b-day photos, etc...
And now for school you have to supply the supplies, not extra nice to have supplies but basics like pencils and paper. And you may have seen in the news the spike in the cost of epi pens. :mad-tilt:


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Corvette may be the last to go... Spring is a better time to try and sell it then fall.
True, I did sell min on Memorial Day weekend, but the guy who bought it came up from FL. Down there it is always selling time and it is free to post.