A Michigan meet in September?


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Looks like every won had a good time chillin in the woods.:wave:
The green surroundings make for good photos !!
It would have been nice to see some of you again ;);)


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It looks like a great time was had by all, and I see a few faces I don't recognize from Carlisle. I'm sorry I couldn't make it. Next time, for sure!


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Sheesh, no pics from when I showed up? I took some with the crappy camera phone, I'll have to throw some up.....


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Pics from my RAZR cell phone

I took 3 images with my AT&T RAZR cell phone, not the best quality! Jeremi's back is to the lens in the first one and that's his Cordovan 98 CE parked next to my 97. A couple of pics of the Marks that were there when I showed up. I counted 11 including mine. I wish I had my good Canon digital SLR for this meet but it was at home!



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With the "Road Ends" sign where its at it appears that the fleet just got back from an "Off Road" excursion.


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Special personal thanks to Bill for giving me the pleasured honor of driving his CE to the photo opportunity.
I'm glad you enjoyed driving the CE Bill.

I'm very embarassed about the condition of my cars at the meet though.

The CE showed that Distance Data error (on the message center) to me, the first time on that Saturday morning. I didn't know that meant the speedometer stopped working.:(

It already had an abs light (possibly related, I'll find out tomorrow) and the steering wheel is a bit off compared to the alignment (work in progress).:)

We had to push the black Mark onto the road because the battery was dead, and I didn't want to connect the belt, because I need to change the PS hose.:(

I should have let you drive the green Mark on the way back, to compare the gen 1 to the gen 2.

That Mark runs great!:)


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Great photos everyone!

JP, didn't you get a photo of my train wreck?:D

I tried posting some more photos, but I'm having some red X problems. I'll keep trying.


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ok, I am really beginning to see Bill as a slightly older version of myself.

Mark VIII?
interest in old audio gear?
now trains?

check, check, check, and check.

good? bad? <sigh>