Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count

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El Presidente
These forums utilize several tools to combat continual spam attacks. One of the tools is the Advanced Permissions Based on Post Count.

Basically this restricts newly registered users from certain forum permissions until they reach a particular post count. There are restrictions in place for the following forum permissions:

Post Links/Images/Emails
Vote on Polls
Send Private Messages
Send Emails
Visitor Messages
Albums and Pictures

There are no restrictions for the following:

View Forum/Thread
View Links/Images
View Attachments

We apologize for any minor inconvenience this may cause our new users and we hope that you understand the restrictions in place and the purpose of them. We encourage you to not post meaningless threads or responses in an effort to remove the restrictions. Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell us about yourself, your Lincoln and any problems you may be seeking a solution for in the various forum topics we offer.

Administration Team
Not open for further replies.