Another Michigan meet at my house?


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Hey Bud and Jesse, are you going to make it to the Michigan meet this year?:)

So far, it looks like it will be a bit smaller than last year. That's OK, we'll still have a good time. I'll send an email to Jack T. to see if he can make it again too.

I was thinking this year we could go to the park near the bridge, for photos, it's less of a drive. Maybe a ride around the Island this year too. We could go to the Metro park again if everyone wants to though.

I'll buy some dogs and burgers again, and some beers, feel free to bring anything else for the grill.

If you need hotel info, let me know.
If anyone needs my address or phone number, shoot me a PM.:)


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Sure hope Jesse comes out here, and brings his Taser too!! Be fun lighten up those little buggers in your back yard.


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There's one!! Get it!



or worse yet.. would the probes penetrate a nylon tent? "Hey Mike! get up!"


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The 10th is coming up, so who's going to be able to make it?:)

I think so far it's Roadboss, Driller, maybe Trixie, Beerdog, Mark, FLM Fan, Rene, and Tixer?


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Confirmed, I'll definitely be in Grand Rapids that weekend. Maybe you can have another get-together for those who didn't make it the first time?


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Hey Bill! Yeah, I would have stuck around but I had things to do at home. Plus the temps started climbing rapidly around then! I just posted a thread in the Suspension/Steering area.

M Darrah

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Guys, I'm not gonna be able to to make it after all. My sister's coming in from Colorado to my mom's in Iowa, and I haven't seen her in over a year. So I'm heading out there for the weekend. Hope you all have fun. Burn some Monster Cable for me!