Fuel pump replacement advise


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Hi all;

I have a 2003 town car with 108k on the clock. I was thinking on changing the fuel pump as preventive maintenance. It seems I could but a whole assembly or the pump by itself. Can somebody advice on which pump to buy ? dont mind just changing the pump itself if I can get one that has the factory connectors because dont like to crimp connectors inside a fuel tank. Tempted to buy the whole assembly from rock auto with a bosh pump - any pros/cons or specific brand ?


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Honestly, at 108k, I'd guess that pump has a lot more life in it. Unless you have a specific reason to replace it, I think you're likely in the clear.

I replaced the pump on my '86 Town Car at ~300k (because it failed)
I sold my '99 Town Car at ~225k, and never did replace the pump. (whether the previous owner did, is unknown.)
I feel like I replaced the pump in my '97 Mark, at around 200k. (it was failing, but not bad yet.)

I'd do two things.

- Keep an ear on the sound of the pump as it runs. I've definitely heard some make some pretty terrible "failed bearing" type noises, as they're about to go.
- Pick up an inexpensive fuel pressure gauge, and test it once in a while.