FS: Looking to Trade my 93 Mark VIII


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I have a '93 Lincoln Mark VIII that I am looking to make a trade with someone if they are interested.

The body is pretty solid other than a couple of pain chips and I hit a deer with it causing it to need a new grille, front chrome and wouldn't hurt to have new headlights.

The interior is not in the greatest shape but is usable the way it is... The sun visor on the drivers side needs to be covered and the seats have a few cracks in them and would probably need a headliner in the future (looks a little rough near the rear window) but it is still usable at the moment. Has an aftermarket stereo which will stay with it. The passenger seat is currently stuck in the position its in. I brought a TV home in the back seat and when I went to get it out the seat moved forward as its suppose to but then wouldn't come back so I'm not sure what happened. I do plan on looking into it as soon as I am feeling a little better to get outside and check it out. I don't have any pictures at the moment of the interior but I can get some for you if you are interested. The ABS light is on and has been since I got the car but haven't figured out the cause of that, and when I got it a little over a year ago I set the trip gauge to 0 and when I did the odometer stopped working at 88,888miles. I maybe drove it 20,000 miles after that. I had to park it because I couldn't pass inspection with the grille out.

Other than that it runs and drives fine. It is a fin car I just have other interests and I am hoping that someone can help me out with that.

What I am looking for is to trade possible for a Camaro, Trans Am, 300GT, Mustang or possibly a Fierro (just always thought they looked pretty interesting even though I have never been in one).

I am not looking for something that is in great shape since mine isn't, however I am looking for something that is close to as good. On the Camaros and Trans Ams I am mostly interested in V8's however I may consider a 6cyl if 93 or newer. If you are interested please PM me and we can exchange some pics and info and see what happens. I am not looking to sell, only trades.

Thank you for looking.