MK8 Motors?


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Nice video. He said the engines were from 1996 to 2000.I'm surprised it's an automatic.


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Did I miss the memo when we said we were going to stop using MK8 as an abbreviation for Mark VIII? :p


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No memo, that's just a little thing that bugs me, Lincoln cheapening the Mark name buy calling all their vehicles MK's. And now, people want to call the Mark VIII a MK.

Here's what I found about those engines, they are aluminum 4.6 DOHC's but the similarities end there::)

Engines: All aluminum Ford 4.6L modular V8s, DOHC, 32 valves,
Custom made supercharger manifolds with B&M Teflon superchargers and
Holley blower 4150 double pumper carburetors, with shotgun air cleaners.
Approx 1000HP

As far as motors go, there is one starter motor per engine.:laugh: