Opal's Revenge

Man that is some nice stuff there! Do you have your guess at what she will run? I will guess on the street tire chrome rims in your pic 11.99@118. On DR's I guess 11.49 @119. On your 100HP 20 pill I guess 10.90@127. Can't wait to see.


Lincoln Evangelist
How's the hood fitment? I know you've got the cowl hood for that one, but I hope it all fits together.


El Presidente
The hood fit with the exception of having to trim the underside for clearance at the back towards the cowl. The edge of the cowl also needed trimmed back just a tad.

The prior Cobra intake had actually been rubbing slightly at the same spot. I figure I can either have the cut away section blended in at a fiberglass repair shop or just trim the edges a bit more to square it up and put some type of moulding on the perimeter.