P Brake pedal pad


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99 Continental, pad on the parking brake pedal is cracking top to bottom on one side. I flipped it over to get a bit more life out of it, but now it appears Ford won't sell the pad, only the whole assembly. Only the 98/02 Cont seem to use this part, and the claimed Dorman part falls off, not remotely a fit. I'm thinking I may need to hit a few pick aparts to see if I can find a good one.


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I'm afraid we've got a lot of Lincoln owners here, but not many Continentals.. Do you have a photo of the part? (or a link to a photo?) I suppose there's a chance that it's used interchangeably between a few different models.

If you're going junkyarding, I'd start with the Taurus of similar year, as I generally see a lot of parts shared between the two..


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As far as a common miscellaneous parts interchange, I would investigate Crown Victoria, Thunderbird, Taurus, Town Car, Windstar, Cougar, Grand Marquis and Sable models as quite a few of these models often shared the same parts bin (including the Mark VIII).

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P brake assembly is unique to the 99/02 Cont, which makes little sense. I found a couple poor images, but main point is that its a rectangle, not a wedge like early Cont, and the mount is purely from the back and also a smaller rectangle.