Recent damage to my car

Mike P

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I was driving along a local parkway out here when some other guy in another vehicle just drove right into the side of my car. The police report reflected him at fault completely so his insurance covered the whole repair. I happened to know the owner of the shop I went to and he hooked it up with the repair and a paint job while it was there. see the pictures below



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They did a good job with the repair. Does the shop normally clean up lights? Most around here didnt want to touch mine because of how much of a risk they are


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I had the exact same thing happen to my 2006 Toyota Matrix run-around car 2 weeks ago. 86 year woman turned right into me and then hit-skipped. I got her plate and for the last 2 weeks been fighting with the police and her insurance company.
Your car looks nice and it appears the body shop did a great job on the headlights and the car looks nice!


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The 'ol girl looks incredible, Mike. That shop did some great work.

As you know, I'm a sucker for that color. Man, with fresh paint, that really pops.

I'd never noticed your plate before. "Hug" heh... :D