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  • Call for photos

    You're welcome to use any of these...

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    RE: Call for photos

    Bill, the trans seal is just a warm-up for the rest of the things that we will do

    I'll bring my camera and my camcorder too. I was even thinking of making a video tutorial of changing the trans seal. That could be the first part of a whole Mark VIII repair/service video. What do you think?


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      RE: Call for photos

      I think I put most of the pictures I took from the meets on the site, but if I find some more I'll send them to you. I also have a couple of videos Strapp took at one of the meets, I was trying to figure a way to view them on the site and never got around to posting them. I think I was also concerned with server space, but was told at the time that more could be given to us for some small videos.

      Post your email address or PM it to me, Bill.
      97 Black/Black Mark VIII LSC


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        RE: Call for photos

        Sorry, Bill - any photos I had were lost a few months ago when my hard drive was destroyed.

        I have one of the Chicago meets pictures on the LOD server, but I can't remember what the directory is called, and I can't look it up cause I've been too lazy to set up FTP and get my password and stuff to be able to check.
        98 VIII