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I bought my 97 Mark VIII from Mike P. the webmaster of this site he had installed a Kenwood touch screen radio which is Bluetooth enabled with a separate microphone & USB ports which I've yet to make cut out holes for, I'm not sure of the model but can find out for you, Also check out Crutchfield.com they got great stuff stereo and a/v for cars & trucks. all the best and good luck!
I missed this, I installed a fully loaded Pioneer unit which turned out fantastic.
Taking the Mark Viii in for its tint tomorrow. Not sure yet of the darkness I want. Anyone regretting or really
Liking the tint they chose?
I prefer 20% rear glass and rear side glass. Dark but not too dark to be an issue at night.

As for the door glass, I go with the max legal tint which in WV is 35%. I like to do a tinted windshield banner as well(20%).
Went 12% all the way around. Nothing on windshield.