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I just can't believe you're gone, Leo. :blue: Thanks again for the amazing NIB driver seat trim. Hot is going to wear it proudly in your honor for the remainder of her days. Rest easy, Sir. You will be sorely missed. :torn:
Still tooling around the site as I don't get to much,.and it's one year upcoming on Feb. 15, 2020 but anyway hope to be chatting a little more with everyone here more often.

P.S. I bought Mike P's old coupe not my first Lincoln but it is my first LSC and loving every minute of it!
I just picked up a new OEM “ dog bone” key fob
when I get to step 3 after the locks cycle when pushing 1/2 , then I push the button on the key fob and car isn’t connecting it ? Lost here any help appreciated -97 Mark VIII LSC -red bullet