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RIP Ken, aka Whiplash15

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    He's been around since I started here and we always had similar knowledge and humor on most topics. I never had a chance to meet him but seeing how many new people are joining just to send their wishes makes me wish I had the chance to interact with him more. The loss of a loved one is never easy....hopefully these wishes are brought to the attention of his family and they will know what type of impact he had on us. Rest in peace Whiplash, you will be missed!
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    Originally posted by driller
    OK, I've been owned. Educate me.
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    Was he just on vacation? Doubtful, but I suppose it's possible.


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      I just saw the email about this and felt compelled to respond. I haven't posted here in a long time, but I remember what a great place this was and probably still is and how close you feel w/ certain posters on here. It's always tough to lose friends, whether you knew them in person or not. Good to see so many names I recognize and new ones saying farewell.

      RIP Ken.


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        Ken, your wisdom, patience, and experience will be sorely missed.
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          Here is a link to the obituary printed in today's newspaper:



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            This is sad news. Im sorry to hear, and my condolences to Ken's family.
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              god speed Ken
              save me a seat at the big table
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                Originally posted by Thomas A View Post
                Here is a link to the obituary printed in today's newspaper:


                Thank you for posting that.

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                  very sad to hear this, i was just reading a recent post of his and then saw this? rest in peace Ken my condolences go out to his friends and family.


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                    Didn't know him but it sounds like he was a great man to family,friends and anyone who may have met him.

                    May Ken Rest In Peace
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                      While I never met him, it always saddens me to hear that we lost another one. Hopefully he can enjoy an LOD meet in the sky, with some of our other members who have passed.

                      My condolences to his family.
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