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  • Hello mark viii lovers

    Hello Everyone!

    Name's Bobby and I own a "Cherry" 1997-98 Lincoln Mark VII (it used to be) that has served me well over the years, faithfully providing class to a many driving adventure.

    Unfortunately, I moved to Oregon, (the move wasn't bad, just the weather's affect on my automobile} and the poor thing has set and set, waters even gotten into the back tail-light and I don't know what to do about that...

    The sun has ruined its exterior making it look like a vagabon on the sidewalk - even got a ticket, cause some strict overzealous ticket maniac thought it was abandoned.

    I love this car! It was the chick magnet supream in its day. I had it tricked out to where it was always "loaded for bear" as the cornboys says, but we'd like to use the euphenism, "loaded for pie." lol

    ...but serious, I had the video player inside hooked up to sound like serround sound when we watched movies and it was better than sitting in a crowded theater, just you and your girl, in the moonlight watching a movie like at the drive-in!

    And driving this thing was the bomb! Smooth and over fifty the beast would hunker down and put the claws to the pavement and pull that baby into a shoot for the moon - she took off! 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and cruising low down to the ground like a cat out for prey. It was amazing!

    Now she lies in slumber and I want it fixed, restored to her former glory but I have no money... but...

    I have a voice. I have a radio show. I make commercials for my many clients and friends with money, but nothing to the point of getting my precious automobile back in shape.

    Probably a stupid question, but since I've never asked, I have no idea if I could get a nibble by anyone, but I came up with an idea... and you guys may thinl me brash for asking the first time here, but finding you I think was kinda of kistmet, prophetic, I dunno, but I was thinking of the idea put in a search and your site came came up and with all of your talking about how much you love your Marks, I felt I had found a home...

    Maybe, maybe not when I ask... I want something for free! well not EXACTLY free...

    I want to do some commercials for one of you or your business to get my Mark VIII restored and back into original driving supreriority!

    In other words I will make anyone who takes me up on this, three (3) prime produced audio commercial for you or your business for the guarantee that you will fix my automobile and restore it back to its original quality.

    NOW OF COURSE THIS IS ONLY FOR CAR COMPANIES WHO REPAIR AUTOMOBILE SPECIFICALLY, LINCOLNS, but if you'd want to pay for someone else (a car repair service of your choice which you can depend on, because we'd have issues if you sent me to some schmuck just for the commecials.

    But I am serious. I think I'm pretty good, My radio show is cool and you'de be all over the world in words and however I created your specific presentation.

    Who knows, I would hope if someone does take me up on this offer that we'd could not only do this but become friends, business associates because I would hope you would continue advertsing on the station afterwards.

    Anyway, I've been on forums before, mostly writng sites, but friends are friends everywhere. I hope I haven't entered here and offended anyone. I truly would hate that to be a first impression.

    I just want my car back to where I can go out and get into the "Bobby Mobile" and zoom off again, and I'm will go almost anything - if I HAD THE CASH, I'D PAY OF COURSE, but I don't, only my talent, and I hope that's worth something.

    Thanks, and I like what you all say about your vehicles. Regardless, of how my vehicle comes out, I think it will be cool being here!

    Thank you and forgive me, if I've stepped too far on a first meeting.