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Cooling your engine down with fans

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  • Cooling your engine down with fans

    This may sound like a stupid question, as I'm prone to ask sometimes. But...I drive a '96 Cherokee with the inline 4.0 non-interference engine and it doesn't like driving in the heat so much. Since I'm a car down right now I'm driving it a LOT more than I used to. After a lot of driving in this hot weather it starts slower, but still starts and runs ok.

    So to help it out I've been raising the hood and putting 2 box fans right on top of the engine to help it cool. I hadn't thought about it but my Mom asked if cooling it down too quickly could be bad for the engine. And since I don't know I thought I'd ask here.

    Any harm in using my method to cool an engine down much more quickly than normal?

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    None. As long as you don't submerge it in ice water, you'r fine.


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      I thought so. Thanks bud