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WHat is everyone using for an LED upgrade to the no longer available Sylvanias?

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  • WHat is everyone using for an LED upgrade to the no longer available Sylvanias?

    1997 MK VIII, LED swap today but may wait depending on what everyone says! I got a set of 9005 LED and was planning to do a harness of my own design. I have been doing DC electronics and such for years and have figured out a solution but would like to get input from you guys who have actually done this swap to a 9005 style bulb. Thanks!

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    Hey Sniper X, I hope this is not too little too late, but my son and I tried to install 9005's on my "97 LSC" this past w/e but to no avail, as the configuration is not a direct fit. Although The Headlight Experts web sight say's that these fit a 1997 Lincoln LSC. And according to my owners manual in the head light replacement section, it lists the high beam bulbs as 9005 (Halogen) and the low beams as 9050 (Xenon) . Anyway I went on the live chat help with the company and I told them that I believe that the bulbs I bought are the high beams by mistake, and they asked if I had OEM HID'S from the factory? I said yes and they told me that there is no direct replacement for them. So to make a short story long! upon searching You-Tube videos and different aftermarket company's like Oracel. Then my son and I stumbled on LVC forum, and turns out that there's a nice fella that's devised a solution to this perplexity. His screen name is, 98lincmk7lsc it seems he's developed and designed a complete kit, with base mounting adapters rubber grommet, o-rings, wires with connectors, HID bulbs and ballasts. I reached out to him and waiting to hear from him. However I believe he said you can PM him as well.

    In conclusion I hope this solves our dilemma... Whew! ;-) Daddy'sRod1997