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    No O2 sensor listed in the FSM. WT?

    Have an '02 Taurus that just rolled over 100k so I'm looking to change out all the O2 sensors before the weather gets too cold. I go to look up oxygen sensor in the old FSM to see what this is gonna look like and I can't find the term 'oxygen sensor' listed anywhere. Not in either the Fuel...
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    No start on The Old 96er

    Screw it I'm changing out the whole thing. So what kind of starter should I look for? Want something decent with a warranty but not too expensive. Do most people just go for something like an Ultra from Oreiley's with the lifetime? I've got a 70$ credit at Napa so I was thinking maybe one of...
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    No start on The Old 96er

    Turns out I've got a problem starter. Cleaned both batt terminals and engine ground and got nothing. Tapped the starter a few times and it fired right up. I'm getting advice it's probably my starter solenoid and that I should just replace that at about 1/4 the cost of the whole starter. I've...
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    No start on The Old 96er

    PIcture says it all. Since my batt cables are 24 years old I'm just gonna go ahead and change them out whether they look good or not.
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    No start on The Old 96er

    Thanks tixer. My batt term connections seem generally good as I keep protectant on them. I'll start checking battery pos and neg wire connections and see if anything turns up. Same driller, thanks.
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    No start on The Old 96er

    '96 Cherokee here and right now I'm dealing with a no start after a few weeks of suspicious symptoms. She's been driven a lot less over the past year and about a month ago she began starting a little slow. I've got an oversized battery in there so usually she cranks right up no problem. I...
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    Vehicle security

    Unfortunately it looks like I have some people in my new neighborhood paying a little too much attention to my auto and for the first time I'm feeling a need to add some security system(s) to old yeller. I think just a basic remote arm system would do, not interested at all in remote start or...
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    Heater duct door switching problem

    I checked all the vac lines on the firewall from the vac source on the driver's side to where it goes into the cabin on the pass side and everything seemed ok. So I get inside and take the glove compartment out and go poking around to see if I can find a loose vac line. Well lo and behold, I...
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    Heater duct door switching problem

    Thanks tixer. Found a video on youtube that describes the problem and fix fairly well. Vacuum line like you describe seems to be the most likely cause.
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    Heater duct door switching problem

    Have an '02 Taurus w/ 103k miles and about 6 months ago all the air, heat or a/c, started blowing only out of the defrost vents at the bottom of the windshield. All the settings work correctly except air has stopped blowing from the floor and dash vents entirely. I know the fix on this is...
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    Cooling your engine down with fans

    This may sound like a stupid question, as I'm prone to ask sometimes. But...I drive a '96 Cherokee with the inline 4.0 non-interference engine and it doesn't like driving in the heat so much. Since I'm a car down right now I'm driving it a LOT more than I used to. After a lot of driving in this...
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    Transmission overheat?

    Sadly this may be the last post I make on the old '11 Crown Vic (320k). So yesterday I heard a quiet hiss coming from the front which turned out to be a very small radiator the middle of a fin somewhere. Doing errands around town today I kept extra coolant with me and added it as it...
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    cranks but doesn't start

    So I got this '96 Jeep Cherokee XJ that cranks but doesn't start. It's got around 180k on her but I keep everything in good shape. Batt seemed strong. I used to drive it everyday but this past year I've driven it only about twice a week. It's been just slightly slower to start in the last...
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    Tracking / steering issues

    My '11 Crown Vic has got 315k miles on it and I'm having some kind of tracking problem that I think is coming from the steering. If there's not much wind it drives straight down the road just fine up to about 60 mph. But if the winds up some, or if I take it up to 70, it's tracking...
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    tire dressing

    What's a good long lasting tire dressing? I used to use this stuff called Wipe New - Tires but it's since been discontinued. There was a process. First you soaped and scrub cleaned the tire, then let dry. Then you don a 3M chemical filter cartridge mask, because no joke this stuff was...