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    Tilt/telescope steering column

    Still on the bench currently. Got sweet talked into rebuilding my daughters ford 4 x 4 front end. Hopefully this weekend I’ll give it a shot. TY for the follow up
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    Tilt/telescope steering column

    Thank You for the info. Steering column should be an easy swap but my original potentiometer was damaged during the failure. I’ve been a little hesitant to replace it because of that concern. I’ll follow up with posts on my progress. TY
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    Steering column swap

    Hello Everyone, my name is Wayne. I have a 98 mark Vlll LSC I’ve owned for 21 years. Just replaced the blend door actuator and heater dampener lever today. I still have a used steering column to replace my current unit. Had an over travel and went into self destruct mode. Should I expect any...
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    Tilt/telescope steering column

    Hello Everyone. I have a question about replacing my steering column In my 98 Mark lll LSC. I have used replacement on hand and not sure if I’ll need to do any reprogramming to make if functional after I install it. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank You