1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC


I have decided to sell my 1998 LSC. It was a first place SC/XR7 shootout winner at the 2011 Kilcare shootout running low 13s in its class. I parked this car in the garage in 2014 and it has been sitting untouched ever since. My plan was to upgrade the timing chains, paint and bigger injectors, but never got to it . I have over $25,000 in parts in the car and prefer to not part it out and prefer it sell to someone who will freshen it up and enjoy it. It was a hell of a sleeper back then. It has a fully forged short block, CP 20 over pistons, eagle H beam rods, cobra crank. ARP head and main studs. SCT tune by Lonnie. 4500 RPM converter by Allen Brown, MMX drive shaft, 3.73s, Kooks headers, all stainless exhaust with Magnaflow converters, x pipe and mufflers. Stock Tips. J Modded trans, with tail shaft lube and updated clutch pack. The upgraded drivetrain has about 40,000 miles on it. 170,000 on ODO. Exterior clear coat issues (Car is Green, tan leather) no rust or corrosion, Interior leather is good, DS lower switch plastic needs to be replaced ( replaced a few times). Car is riding on air still and I have "like new" back up bags. Stock LSC wheels, Car is sensor lowered. Upgraded tail light ballast. I am sure I am forgetting some things. Contact Bob (me) if interested at cotterr@cintas.com. I travel a lot for work and rarely check home email. I will post pictures in a few days as I am out of town for a few. I would like to get $4,000 no negotiating and again, do not want to part it out. The car is with me in Batavia, OH, 30 minutes east of Cincinnati.


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I remember this car from the 2011 event. ;)

Good luck with the sale. That's an impressive build for the price in my opinion.

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Good luck with this sale. I am sure that it was a tough decision to make, but people do let go of old things to make a room for a new one.