Brief introduction 2007 TC


Bought an older 2007 Lincoln Town Car as an around town car instead of driving my large cargo van. Turns out, the car is in pretty nice shape and its inspired me to get back in to caring about cars. Back in the day, Dad drove the wheels off a nice TC, a car I loved to borrow it when I could. He finally sold it a few years back with ~330k miles on original everything. So far as I know the person who bought it is still driving it.

Getting on the forums for ideas and help as I move forward on the car. Here are some of my "immediate" issues that I'll be looking to complete:

Radio diagrams? My six disc SoundMark does not function, also has the Sat button and presumably a sat radio unit somewhere. I'd like to know which stereo signal wires run from the sat box to the radio. I'll intercept them with a standard 1/8" stereo interrupt plug and bring that into the ashtray area as an auxiliary in. I did the same on an old suburban with some incredible info from a dude who was nothing short of some mad-electrical-scientist DIY genius on the Suburban forums.

Air ride: rear appears to have no leaks at all, it stays pretty high, and I never hear a pump run. However, its taller than the front by an easy 1.5" or so, I suspect there is a leveling sensor that is giving the rear wrong info and its defaulted to max position.

Trunk latch actuator: car had a minor fender bender that I suspect took out the actuator. Previous owner just bypassed into a manual mechanism. It's not critical to me, but I would like to restore.

Maybe an upgrade to the speaker system though frankly I haven't had this high a fidelity system in a car for decades. Been spending that time on home theater stuff, but who knows, that might be a good way to spend some time and money on a car system instead, though both rare commodities these days.

If you want to chip in any info on the above, great. If not, I haven't even begun to dig into things yet; only had it 6 days so far and my research will begin soon.


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Congratulations on the new ride!

I've owned 1986 and 1999 Town Cars, and enjoyed them immensely. Both were well over 330,000 miles when they finally went on to new owners.

With regard to the stereo stuff, I never got around to adding a line input to the stereo in the 99, and generally used one of those cassette adapters. I do suspect that the "sat" button was an optional add-on module, and figure you'll find a connector on the back of the head unit for that in addition to the CD changer that it seems you do have (albeit broken) Given the ubiquity of these cars, I'd be pretty confident that an aftermarket wiring solution exists that would connect to one of those two inputs, saving you the trouble of the custom wiring.

Do take a peek under the back end and see if the air bags were replaced with regular springs at some point. Many "regular" owners opt to do this as a cheap fix for even the most simple issue with the air ride, as the kit to do so is quite inexpensive. Often this results in higher than usual ride height.. I drove my 99 both ways, and did prefer the air. it isolated you from the road just a touch more, and my mobster friends appreciated the self-leveling capability for when the borrowed it to haul the occasional Persian rug.

for the trunk latch, are you referring to the electronic release button in the driver's door? or was yours equipped with the motorized trunk closer? If it's the latter, the system is more complex than you'd think, with a switch in the trunk lid, as well as the motor mechanism in the trunk itself. in my '86, I dealt with failures in each part, but realizing the microswitch in the lid was an issue one time, took me a while to track down..


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Welcome! 🙂

I have a 2006 Town Car in which I replaced the factory radio/navigation with a new head unit to take advantage of newer technology such as Bluetooth connectivity, aux input, CarPlay, reverse camera, etc... but I did not opt for the satellite radio. There are plentiful quality options to choose from and most are pretty close to plug and play.

I have to agree with tixer on the suspension height issue, it should be an easy discovery to see if it has the OEM air springs in the rear or if someone converted it to coil springs.

Not sure about the remote trunk latch as mine has the motorized power trunk lid and luckily I have not had any issues with it. The stock remote latch power-assist assembly shouldn't be that hard to repair/replace.

If you plan on keeping the car you would be wise to invest in the factory service manual which should be relatively easy to find on eBay.

I have found the Town Car to be a low maintenance vehicle and quite dependable. Once you get it fixed up proper, keep up with the maintenance and you should enjoy it for many years to come.