Call for 2021 Lincolns Of Distinction dues


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The official call for 2021 Lincolns Of Distinction dues is now. Although we have a system where you can renew at any time of the year. Dues received after June will be considered for that next year.
You can renew by Pay Pal through this link:

Or you can use Pay Pal paying to

You can renew by snail-mail by sending a check or money order to me at:

Lincolns Of Distinction
Membership Secretary
549 Wildflower Trail
Weatherford, Texas 76087

Please make the check out to "Jerry Heep" or "LOD Secretary" as I will be depositing the checks to my account and will submit monies to the club's PayPal account in your name.

If you renew by Pay Pal, please drop me an email telling me so. Pay Pal is supposed to tell me when it receives a renewal, but that sometimes does not happen. When the link tries to have you register, do not do so. Break out of it. One time registration when you joined is all that is necessary.

I will email reminders to all 2020 members that have not yet renewed. If you get one of these emails and you have already renewed for 2021, please PM or email me the date you paid your dues and I will search out your dues payment. If you have a Pay Pal receipt, please email a copy to me. My email address is jjheep at uwmail dot com. If my email to you bounces back, I'll give you a PM about it.


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Thanks, Jerry!

I noticed last month when I tried to renew via the "account upgrades" link that I couldn't because I already had it. After the first of the year, that problem was rectified, and I have now "subscribed."

Thank you for all that you do for the club!