Cooling Fan, AC compressor, air ride started acting up


Getting codes for P1537 IMRC bank 1 stuck, P0411 Air incorrect flow detected, P0401 EGR system insufficient flow detected.
First noticed temp getting hot when in traffic or stopped. Then vent fans started acting up, and now AC compressor isn’t kicking in and acceleration is studdering. Checked fuses and relays under hood, changed temp sensor.
Thoughts? Thanks!


El Presidente
Staff member
Your temp, fan and AC compressor problems sound symptomatic of the cooling fan not running.

You can check to see if the cooling fan runs by switching on MAX AC. If it doesn't run, the first suspect would be the harness connection to the cooling fan. Due to high amperage the connection cooks and corrodes over time. Use caution with your fingers around the fan when troubleshooting as it can be an intermittent condition and the fan can start at any time . Worse case is you need a new fan motor and harness connection.

The IMRC code is likely due to the IMRC gummed up from carbon. You may be able to each the actuator on the back side of the intake and manipulate it to start working. A seafoam treatment would help loosen the gunk. Depending upon the severity, more than one treatment may be required. Worse case is disassembly of the intake/IMRC to clean or replace the IMRC assembly. That can prove to be quite an endeavor.

The P0411 is from the secondary air injection system. It's purpose is to inject fresh air into the exhaust upon startup to help the catalytic converter heat up for proper operation. It's purely an emission control system.

The EGR code could be multiple reasons but commonly a clogged EGR valve would cause this.