Dual exhaust upgrade


I have been looking at the systems that are available commercially, but they all seem to have all kinds of bends in them. My stock system exits the 3rd cat and then runs straight back to the resonator and then straight back to a tee that splits it into the rear mufflers. No bends at all except at tee just behind the mufflers. A fat pipe feeds the tee and then skinny pipes feed the mufflers. I'm thinking that I could just put a crossover resonator in place of the 3rd cat and then run the pipes straight back to rear mufflers with the bends starting where the tee is now. It's a 1994. Is this a common setup or should I go with the multi bend system. I do eventually want to change the headers, but now I'm going for easy and quick. What size pipes are the best to use with stock headers, but give the ability to upgrade the headers in the future?
Also any ideas on good free flow mufflers. I want good flow and tone, but not loud.
Responding too! I'll look this weekend as I have a complete set-up still in the box and I'll get the prt number off it (in case any new guys are still interested).