I have been gone for a while, now I'm back!


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I sold my last Mark VIII about 3 years ago. When you have a reputation for loving Lincolns people don't forget that. A week ago I received a call from a previous employee giving me a name and number of a man who wanted to sell his Mark. Needless to say I went, I saw, i bought. The man and his wife are in their late 80's. they bought the car new at a local L/M dealer and took it directly to Florida to their winter retreat and left it there until recently. He only drove it to the golf course in the winter. It has 43192 original miles on it, with a Florida title. Car Fax backs up the fact they are the original owners and the car has been in Florida all this time. It does have the dreaded blend door problem but other than that everything works like new. That includes the neon brake light! I had forgotten how much I love driving these cars. My 2019 Equinox Premier and my Silverado LTZ have all the bells and whistles but this Mark VIII puts a smile on my face and my heart beating faster even when I drive it to the end of the block. Its's good to be back. I think this one is a keeper.


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Welcome back! Sounds like a great find.

I drove my own Mark to work today, for the first time in a long time. It sure is a pleasant change from the pickup..