Intermittent misfire


Well my new to me 96 mark got delivered to me today. Was running fantastic when it got here after a 2 1/2 hour drive, let it sit for about 1/2hr while paperwork was taken care of, and I could look everything over. Well long story short, moved it and now has a misfire, no ck engine light, but you can feel it. Other than the simple check plug wires, check injectors with noids, and then try some injector cleaner through it. Anything else you guys can think of to check where it would just show up after being driven for the longest trip it's been on in years?
I would keep it simple and do typical maintenance starting with changing the fuel filter and spark plugs. You may want to consider the air filter and cleaning the MAF sensor. Check for induction leaks past the MAF and any obvious vacuum leaks. Pay special attention to the intake tube/throttle body seal. Check for any codes even if there is no check engine light.
Was going to scan it today, but obd1 not sure if I can do a key off diag and a koer test. Then check what live data I can, not sure how much I can get out of that. But it already has new plugs in it, but I am suspect of a vacuum leak or sticking injector
Can't believe what I said in my previous reply. I was thinking about my 94 I had not that the new car is a 96 and obd2
Ok, koeo and koer tests and only code was temp sensor out of range on a cold start. Checked live data and it shows all plugs no misfire still has misfire feel to it. Oil levels good, coolant the same, sprayed brake clean around vac lines, all good. Haven't run seafoam threw it yet, but that's going to be my last try.
Anyone else think of what to check next?
If you just changed the plugs, maybe you have a bad ignition wire? Also, I had an injector go bad once, I found it by listening to each injector with the screwdriver to the ear trick. One sounded different than the others.
Problem with the plugs is the guy I bought the car from changed them, and I have the feeling he put CHEAP ones in it, so I'm going to check the brand. DId check to make sure everything was pushed in on the coils yesterday, but the wires look like walmart specials. I'll try the screwdriver tip on the injectors, never had great luck with doing that, but easier than getting one of my freinds to loan me they're noids!
A noid light would have probably shown my injector to be good, it was firing, but it sounded funny like maybe it wasn't opening all the way.
I think I'll run some of my favorite Seafoam threw it. Used it on many other things and it cleaned them up, along with the internals.
Took it for it's first drive today. Thinking it's injectors, really romped on it and she smoked a bit, then ran great. Then after fillng it up, took off and it stumbled a couple times, but am averaging 27 mpg. Only bad take on the drive is I think the rack is either loose or going, next thing to investigate.
Probably do that next, but right now a victim of th weather. Can't get car in garage right now due to my Mustang being on the lift.