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1993 Nordic Blue Repaint

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  • 1993 Nordic Blue Repaint

    I bought this car from Jamie back in 2007. He babied it, and when I got it, it was in remarkable condition. He had wet-sanded the entire car prior to selling it, and it was in great shape mechanically as well.

    My 16 year old son started driving it in the Fall of 2007. It was his Senior year of High School, and he really wanted a "hot" car to drive. He's had it ever since.

    Mechanically, it's still very sound. I've fixed issues as they've come up, replaced some parts and made sure it runs properly and is safe to drive.

    Unfortunately, 5 years of Midwest weather took it's toll on the exterior. The clear was dead and peeling in places and the paint was faded. There was minor damage to the bumper and the driver's door had to be replaced. It really looked pretty shabby.

    I have NO skills in body or paint work. Fortunately, a buddy at work has a son who studied auto body repair in High School and Jr. College, and currently works at the local Maaco as a painter. He did all the body work for some "spending money", and took it to work to paint. I know that when people hear "Maaco", they think "crap-o", but I was willing to take a chance on my buddy's son. I would have been happy with a "10-foot car". I got much more than that!



    These are photos from my iPhone, so they're not the greatest. The car is beautiful up-close. When the weather eases, I'll take some proper pictures and submit them for next years' calendar.

    The rest of the pictures are here: 93 Repaint Pictures
    1996 Mark VIII (Diamond Anniversary Edition)
    1998 Mark VIII (Collectors Edition)